Is It Time For The Bulls To Run?

in market •  6 months ago

Yes. Well at least I think it is. This is not based on any technical analysis, just a summation of the environment that I am seeing. This is not investment advice at all and as you know only invest what you can lose. But I do think it is time, or at least in a month or so, for a nice run in the crypto world. Maybe it is just hope but it does feel like it is time.

And I am not the only one who thinks so. There is an article about a San Francisco investment firm that thinks it is a big buy at the moment before the run starts. And this is not the only article of this nature that I have come across lately. Sure a lot of us are invested in crypto and want that run to happen but that does not mean it will not.

I think this week will tell a lot. If crypto starts to go passed 8k and head towards 9 this might be the time.

Here is the link for more info:


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From your lips to God’s ears!

I'm totally behind it
Maybe this time the rise is not a fluke and we'll see a bull run

Upvote, I like your post.

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In forex trading, there's this general advice to always follow the price and the trend not what you think or assume; unless you have a very valid reason for such assumption. And I think same advice can also be applied to cryto trading. If the price is not showing what you're assuming, it is very risky to enter such trade. Always follow the price. Nice analysis though

CryptoWorld just fixed his way. He did not start fast and furious running anymore. So Just relax.........

your right i think people have lost faith in the us markets ...trump is making it too volatile and people have options ..thats the blockchain ...if it was no blockchain the markets would def crashed already

You really think bitcoin will be worth 8k? I think last week was the time to buy.

Its now on the rise. Thanks for posting this

i am counting on steem to have a good run

what if bull was there for you to get to know the complete information about it