Steem on the rise at $0.26

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I don't want you to think I've forgotten about you all, just slowing down a bit on this blog though that is the last thing I want to do looking at the market right now.

Been busy preaching blockchains and specially Steemit to Spanish speakers lately and that has used up my creative energy. Doing great on that end though, the blog and youtube channel are gathering more and more attention every day.

The truth is I think Steem might just be a little more valuable to non-English speakers right now and perhaps if I can bring enough people over speaking different languages the developers will listen to me and let us follow/mute tags in order to filter languages more easily.

Things appear to be returning to normal in regards to the last Fork, there has been a lot of concern surrounding the subject of payouts decreasing but this all seems to be coming together slowly.

On the personal side I've been okay, still experiencing great pain with that tooth but at least my constant complaining about it got my gf to help me make an appointment with a dentist. I got to try BC powder for the first time and can't understand how they are still in business, can't they add a little flavoring? Ended up going with another slightly less disgusting brand.

I know expectation is not good but I honestly expected more from American drugs, still haven't tried anything good enough to knock me out. Lots of pills everywhere for sale, but they need to step up because by the time I resort to medicine is because I've seen blood or the pain doesn't let me sleep...

I think I mentioned this before but I purchased my first car about a week ago. I was kind of afraid to even get on it because cops are picky out here, where I come from the only rule is don't crash. But for the past few days I've been taking the trash out by driving some 100 meters down the road, I gotta say there's something strangely satisfying in being able to move machines so large in a graceful manner. Not everyone thinks my driving is graceful though, @transbeauty has been joking saying we are going to need to get full insurance if I'm going to drive. She needs to relax because I am a very conservative driver, not a distracted one like she is.

During the past month or so I have managed to get about 5 people to join Steemit so that makes me very happy, I am also happy about Steem's price rising and Dash as well.

I guess this is it, nothing fancy for this post. Just wanted to let you know I'm still very much around but simply trying to help people I believe need more help. The Spanish tag is growing, I only wish the trending tags column would work so you all could see why the group is so promising.

Oh! One last thing, if anyone can point me to an easy read on the responsibilities for a witness I'd really appreciate it. Witness @cervantes is doing a great job so I encourage you to vote for them to support the growing Spanish tag and the many members who are benefiting from having their work curated by those actually able to understand it.

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this is so exciting

Muchas gracias por la mención, viniendo de un miembro respetado de la comunidad como tú, sabe aún mejor

Un saludo!! Hacemos lo que podemos


Podemos hacer mucho mas con esta herramienta tan innovadora,
la tecnologia es sumamente prometedora.