The Market has become a Stale Loaf of Bread

in market •  6 months ago

The Market has become a Stale Loaf of Bread

The Feeling of looking at the Market at the minute

Like looking at a stale loaf of bread in a shop

Its going backwards Bit Coin at $6000. Nothing happening and the media hype gone from the sector will it come for sure. What we need is global recession. This will change people's minds on money and what a Bit Coin is worth.

However this could go lower possible to go to $5000 and sit there for a bit then recover. However its painful looking at these prices.

Steem price as well lows very low at the minute and not good.

All we can do is wait this storm out and see the tide turn

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Yeah stale moldy loaf of bread. lol Hopefully Steem can start heading to the moon in the next month or two.

Yes, it's an waiting game and in my opinion we will going to reach on the top in near future because there are many interesting projects entered into the market and after few regulations then we can see Institutional Investors too because Institutional Investors will going to play the greatest role when it's come to the flow of money.

Let's hope for the best and wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

Oh waiting for just a big miracle to rise the market load over the mountains into the sky.

Very real example for crypto market with the bread. But i always believe crypto market will never be down. It's down for a while. I just hold my cryptos and wait until the market rising. I think it's the best time to invest more.

Could be be in a prolonged bear phase?

@newmarket65 Thank you, my friend, your blog is such an awesome and please support me and upvote me if you like my comment

These two weeks have been hard for the bitcoin market but surely we are going to get out of this I hope to pass soon

There may be similarities in the crypto market with the bakery market, but the price of various crypto currencies is at a declining level, hopefully things will improve soon.
Thanks @newmarket65