Two Thirds Of Americans Agree Civilians Need Power To Hold Police Accountable

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Some of the people who are receiving the security service that the police offer today, which is largely funded by coercion and theft, want to be able to have some sort of power to hold those actors accountable when they aren't happy with that service.

When the actors engage in harmful wrongdoing and unconstitutional behavior etc, they want the power to be able to seek justice and not just file a complaint that might get pushed to the side along with many others that might have accumulated over the months or years.

Over 100 organizations have already openly called for police reform.

These are issues that libertarians and civil liberties advocates have been talking about and pushing forward for more than a decade now. Whether it be harassing children over lemonade stands or stealing from people on the side of the road via asset civil forfeiture etc, there is a glaring militarized police problem in the United States right now.

Only now it seems to have become 'trendy' for more people to voice their opinion about the problems they see going on right now thanks to social media and popular hashtags that bring attention to the issues.

Hopefully the pressure that has been built isn't going to subside, because there are true issues that need to be dealt with and corruption that seems to have run wild with law enforcement agents too frequently getting away with wrongdoing.

And it seems many people agree with almost two thirds saying that the public should have the ability to sue police officers and seek justice for their misconduct and wrongdoing.

Qualified immunity and police unions make it incredibly difficult to seek justice for wrongdoing.

Should the public just be stuck with corrupt actors that mean them harm, who are tasked with doing the opposite and who are allegedly supposed to be protecting the public?

That is what the government leaves you with when they fail to hold wrongdoers accountable and they routinely inflict unconstitutional and unjust harm onto the public. But considering that a larger gang of criminals doesn't hold smaller criminals accountable doesn't really come as a surprise to those who are familiar with the nature of the beast.

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These government and collective protections that are in place, such as qualified immunity etc, are part of the problem because they enable the protection of bad actors and erode the quality of service, making it arguably next to impossible to try and change the service to get a different result.

If you do not like the service you are receiving then you should be allowed to opt out and go with something else. You shouldn't have to be subjected to tyranny at the hands of people who you do not trust to deliver a right result. Why is the public not given that choice.

We need serious change with how law enforcement engages with the public in general, not just one group of the public specifically, but how they treat every single individual that is supposed to have Constitutionally protected rights in the U.S. that cannot be trampled on by officers who cherry pick what they might want to respect and uphold.



REFORM is definitely needed to reevaluate the power given to our public SERVANTS.

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