THC Design - Futureberries

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A while back I obtained some of this strain called "Futureberries" by THC Design.  

From what I recall I wasn't impressed with the taste, but, the high was pretty good.  Pictures aren't great, sorry.

What are you smoking right now?

Please give me a follow & thank you for taking the time to read my random babbling.

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yea the pics kinda make the trichromes not as white, Looks like a good enhancer for a rainy or even better sunny day.

  ·  last year (edited)

Girl Scout Cookie,
Very good and long lasting high, after literally 2-3 hauls you'll be feeling good for hours
I am almost out though :(


Oh nice, love the GSC.


Honestly man, respect for that upvote! I am almost out of weed and almost out of fiat money so I might have to start converting steem dollars into bitcoin and try out the bitcoin atm for the first time. Why is it when we have a lot of weed we roll nice fat joints but when we are almost out the joints are pinners that last only a couple of hauls? lol if only I was able to always roll small regardless of my stash #weedsmokerproblems

This is what i smoke on a daily basis :D Not as good as weed but its joyable tooooo fu*kin much :D


I'm not a huge fan, but to each their own.


You must smoke it with an expert to exprience the best of it :D

Recently smoked blueberry kush, tasted good and the high was amazing.


Looks pretty tasty.


Yeah man, u gotta try it some time. Keep up with your good content bro


Got this gift from my mate last night. it made me high as F 😂


But i miss this shit alot tried it in Pakistan on my last year trip its pure hashish inside and on the top of cigarette 😙😍



Cheers mate 🍻

Did i see a 10k powerup brother? what a legend!!!

hehehe , i got it :D


WOW, amazing! ;)

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I never had the luxury of visiting a dispensary. That all showed up after I left the country. :(


Gorilla glue
Will try girl scout cookies next maybe

I have made an investigation about THC because of my father' s disease (lungs cancer). I have learnt that it is very helpful to kill harmful cell. But in my country it was forbidden to grew up and sell. For this reason I tried to grew up. Before concluding my father has died :(


I just got this boss hogg sugar wax made by @pickensmtn yesterday. It's my new favorite strain. Super quality product. I'll be smoking on it all week! 😁💨💗

Damn! Looks dank. Platinum Scout, by THC Design, looks insane

Looks pretty good! Would have to smoke it to truly know, of course haha.

I'm smoking some Platinum Trainwreck today!

For the first time in almost 2 years iji had to take some jack herer, just to be able to function. Not fun, but i feel better.

Voted and following! Keep it fire! Hell yes!

wow awesome strain i need to get a good background like that to take photos when my buds are cured

Nice bud, I LIKE IT!

Never try smoking weed before, wonder how it taste?