NUGGETS-Harvest Time is the Best Time!

in marijuana •  last year

Harvesting medical marijuana is an exciting time. A process that takes months comes to a close....It definitely isn't the end of the process though. Drying and curing the medicine is a crucial step- that if done incorrectly can significantly reduce the quality of the final product. I love cannabis!!!

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how do you dry you harvest? do you also cure it for months? I heard the taste gets better the longer you let it cure. Which I also believe.

Cool photo :)


Thank you! I am harvesting plants all the time because I have a flower room and a veg room and a green house. I move the in and move them out as they finish. I take off the fan leaves, then hand dry until dry to touch, then rim again and de-stalk. I them let dry in a box until the stems snap. Then-I jar up to cure the weed. It can get better if done right but if done wrong it will get stale after months and lose some of the color. I love weed so much that I enjoy it well-cured or a little on the fresh side. I also like to keif it , blast it, cook it, sieve it, and rosin it...LOL