Another Break through on the use of medical Marijuana in Australia!!

in marijuana •  3 years ago  (edited)

On the campaign to get a wider legal use of Medical Marijuana , As of tomorrow 1/8/2016 Doctors in New South Wales, Australia will be able to prescribe to patients, if all other treatments have been exhausted.

 “People who are seriously ill should be able to access these medicines if they are the most appropriate next step in their treatment,” Mr Baird said. 

This is just a small step, but also a big step in the use of Medical Marijuana in general, as medical professionals, law makers and the general public see the benefits of medical Marijuana for people have used other options for treatment of there illnesses with no improvement.

The full story can be read here

One small victory on the road to helping people .

Here is a earlier story I did, which outlines some of the treatments and uses of medical Marijuana

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I don't smoke but I think it will be legal for recreational use in Arizona and California this year. I upvoted you. Please consider upvoting my new post.