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Hey all,. I took a stroll to the dispensary and got some good stuff! Here pictured below is some sour diesel the thc amount is 27.5!


And pictured below is some sweet medi haze,. How pretty is that? and this medi haze is 15.2 percent thc, and 32. cbd..


I hope you all have a lovely night!

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Looks like some good stuff there!
Enjoy & Steem On :)

You from Portland? Herb like that mainly comes from here!

Anyways I'd like to submit this for curation because we'll it's time to get Cannabis community support!

@canna-curate is here to help! And would love to have you join the curation trail if you are interested.

Thanks and hope to see you at the Portland waterfront Steemit meet-ups!


Yea man Portland here!


Every Sunday we are having the steemitsmokeout and we are being recognized worldwide too!

You got discord?

Here is the steemsign....


The extract looks pretty good and I love the CBD personally. :)

Did the flower smoke so soft and cool feeling you could barely tell you lit the bowl? Was every hit packed with delicious flavor and aroma, right down to the last hit in the bowl? Did it leave a slightly off-white and super fluffy ash? I sure hope so! :D

If it didn't, you may be interested in participating in the raffle to win a copy of my book. YOU can grow cannabis with the quality I describe. :D Check out the raffle page. You'll be glad you did. :D

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