What is the Highest..... Giveaway

in marijuana •  2 years ago 

High, how are ya?

What is the highest on Marijuana you have been? Please include high scale, juicy details, and upvote other people's stoner stories. If and when this post hits 1$ I will either donate you 1SDB or Send @Minnowbooster to like all your content for a week!(winner decides)

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hmmm.... Musta been the time,when I was about 7, one of my step moms baked a batch of brownies,and left them on the counter to cool,... she left them there,I came home from school, dad in the shop building a Harley motor,best left alone..go in the house and ohh brownies, ate 8 of them about half...remember some yelling.. not much else for about three day...
lol.... hmm. or maybe it was the time....wait no the time...wow... ummm...no I think that was probly it all things considered.. some pretty wasted days.