A Marijuana Edible About to Go Cosmic!

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As most of you already know, I am a partner in the Medical Marijuana Industry here in Colorado Springs where I live. A few years ago our company decided to enter into the edibles market on top of the grow facilities and 3 dispensary locations we have. It sounds easy to just add a product line but it’s very difficult and the growing pains are.....well, painful. Adding edibles for distribution to over 200 locations throughout Colorado was the best move we ever made! We are extremely excited about this brand because the original mixture shown below (Our Flagship Product) became very popular and has won a few notable awards.
Now not only are these gummies perfect in every way from the texture, taste and shelf life.....they can help so many people in so many walks of life. The oil extraction process we use allows this potent little power pack to taste as good as any candy you could find.

The newest product that we have launched just recently is in an edibles class by itself in my opinion. Not only does each gummie have a nice 25m dose of THC Oil (amazing for the human body) but, it also has a 25m dose of CBD ( even more amazing for a human body)! CBD is not the type of oil that will make you feel a little euphoric like THC oil will but, it’s fantastic medicine and it’s all natural with no pesticides because every batch must be tested and pass a state run quality control and chemical test. You actually get what you pay for! I wish one day for the entire world to legalize and not only accept but also promote the use of the oils from marijuana plants. They are truly plants that when respected and used properly can give many humans benefits for so many different things. In my opinion Marijuana is a Miracle plant put here by GOD himself for humans to use in moderation for good health and wellness.
Our little company has come a long way from the day we started. Mixing the batches by hand on the stove and then squirting the candy into the molds has given way to machinery and automation. If your interested, below is a video that is only :30 seconds long and it showes you how we make the gummies!


We legalized it here in Michigan for even recreational use. Have you guys thought of branching out (little pun there lol), if you have not already. This just happened in January.

Yes we have! I think we are going to open the Missouri market first though.

I remember when I was a kid, my grandma used to have some marijuana plants on her backyard, she used it for herbal medicines because there's no pharmacy on the island she lives. Maybe that's why her name is Juana, her mom used to have a lot of marijuana plants too. 😀

That’s one smart granny!

Can I order this online?

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Unfortunately no you can’t. In Colorado we are not allowed to ship anything outside the state and we have to hand deliver every single order. Someday soon hopefully regulators will changes laws for all of America.....MAYBE then we could sell on line but even then I doubt it.

It's funny how the government illegalized marijuana, I haven't read or hear a single news about people dying being of marijuana over dose, is there? On the other hand they allow morphine to sell to individuals as pain relief?! Tsktsk

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Nobody in the history of mankind has died from a Marijuana overdose.

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Hey thanks Magic Dice!

So I can have only have that if am in Colorado and I can't even with me once I leave, right?

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Correct. You can’t leave the state with it...although many do.

How much is it per bottle?

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Around 20 dollars

That's really unfair 😔

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I need it coz I have ADHD, I need to calm down sometimes lol

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Personally, I'm for marijuana legalization everywhere.
It is a personal choice if someone wants to smoke or no.
I'm a bit against the liquid one called Vipes, because is going thru so much modification before that.
And also a few months ago we had 2 death cases somewhere in America, I don't remember where exactly but it was a real story.

Great that your business is doing well. Congratulations! The gummies look so delish!

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Your post is always good. I like your post very well I love my farindIMG_20190203_205540.png

it will never get to Singapore... and meanwhile, there is no chance for me to visit colorado for a taste test !! :( sad

Good to know about this through you blog thanks for sharing

Best of luck for your new business. Pray for your business. Your business popular in the world. Thanks for sharing.

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@broncnutz, Gone through from the video and process looks cool. And good to know that you've travelled a long with it. Stay blessed.

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I think this product is very good to use every day

It sucks to live in Texas haha. Big ups though! I always thought of working in that space just to get hands on knowledge.

Doing great job, I hope can see many awesome product in near future.

A really good product. Having traveled a long way, you deserve a lot of companies to start its production. I think the best is still ahead of you

Congratulations @broncnutz! I heard it's tough with new products because of all the regulations that you have to comply with like new child proof containers every three months. Which ends up squeezing out the competition. Glad to hear you guys can keep up with the ever changing rules.
I'm from Colorado, but now I live Spain where cannabis is 99% legal, you can have a club and sell it as an NGO, but the legality of growing it is a bit shady which makes my job a bit tough.
One more thing do you guys add sunflower lecithin to help the active ingredients pass through the intestine into the blood stream?

Good to see your business prgressing well.

Do you know that you need to have medical card to grow marijuana.

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