#marchmadness - Day 25

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March Madness

Day 25! I know the end of my story, but I don't need 5,000 words to tell 🤔.
Good luck to the writers and #mmfan and other readers.
I could use some some critics to improve my writing so if you know where I can find it, please let me know.

Used prompt wild. I will only post a part of what I wrote. It turned out to be a problem to post larger content.

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03-2495 (Day 25) - word count: 1684

She disappeared, Courage thought, how can she disappear if nobody can get out? How did she do it?

That is what we are trying to figure out. There are only two ways. One is the entrance of the cave, the other one is at the back of it where the water drips in.

Do you know anything about her gifts?

Not really, just that she can be invisible for a long time. She said she can save energy that way. She also said she wouldn't leave until she had found a way out and was able to destroy the giants, at least I think that is what she had said.

She is a water sign, a child of the water, D said.

Courage could hear his voice clearly and turned around. Alain and D were walking towards him.

She left with help of the water.
She is soft and wet. She can change in any of the living beings living in it, take every size she likes and I suspect she can even turn into water.
A child of the water is cold and very fluid, able to swim back and forth. She doesn't know the difference between reality and imagination.
He put his hand on the traveller's shoulder.

So where is that water dripping, Alain asked.

It's in the back of the cave, the place where we mainly stay, there is a basin over there. Not even a small one.

I will see if I can find the cause of it. If it keeps dripping there must be a kind of stream, he thought.

I will come along with you, D said, I think Courage and his companion like to share some time together and who know they can find a way out.
I guess no one likes to try if the turn-into-ashes-story works on the living as well.
After all ropes and bags do not belong to the living beings. He grinned.

Are you kidding me, Lisa laughed. They all started laughing.

I could give it a try, a female said. I have nothing to lose. My companion won't come back. They took him a long time ago and if I stay here, sooner or later the wild bush will catch me and steal my eggs.

We have still other options left, there is no need to make a hasty decision.

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I learned

Thanks to @mariannewest, there is always a story to tell, no matter what the prompt is. If you like to join or like to be a #MMFan (reading the novels written this month) please do so @freewritehouse see HERE._

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