@freewritehouse March Madness Chapter 20 ”Departure”

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I'm am taking part in March Madness by the @freewritehouse! This is the first attempt from me and I hope I can see it through! I will try. If you would like to play along please check out more here.

Thanks for reading these free writes and I hope to one day edit them all! I am open to constructive criticism.

Word count: 1,609
Total count: 34,865


Chapter 20

By the time Grant returned home from school, it was already late and the spring sun was fading down behind the western horizon. Grant had stayed late after practice with Luke, as he often did, to shoot some hoops and hang out for a while. Since he was manager, he did not participate in the practices and he always felt the need to play some basketball afterwards and Luke was always happy to.

Even though it was on both of their minds, Luke did not ask Grant about his meeting with Father Don and Grant did not want to bring out up. Grant was still unsure what to tell his best friend about the whole thing. He wanted to know for certain that he understood what was happening to him first. He knew that once he told Luke, he would be faced with harsh criticism and difficult questions that he was not ready to deal with yet. Plus Grant was a little nervous that he might be going crazy after all he still did not know the full effects of his mothers death. He had experienced a range of emotions and it could have done permanent damage.

After practice, the two boys briefly spoke about Father Don’s lame presentation and of course about the note that Grant had wrote to Melissa. Grant even dished all the juicy details of the hand holding. Luke was proud of his best friend for acting on his own and pursuing the girl he liked. Typically in the past Luke was the one who was always helping Grant in those situations. On several occasions Luke had asked Gran’s mother for him if he could come over and play or spend the night when Grant was scared she would say no. Maybe he had grown up since his mother passed, Luke had decided.

Grant and Melissa had not spoken since the presentation but they saw each other in the gym after school and Grant gave her a smile to let her know that everything was okay. Melissa was on the dance team which often used a portion of the gym to practice their dance routine. This is where a majority of the flirting took place as it was too risky to get caught during school by Sister Sue. The boy’s basketball team was also always excited to catch a preview of the halftime show which often led to them running laps for not paying attention to Coach Navis. He knew exactly what was going on.

After practice, Grant shovelled down his dinner and told his Grandma that he had a lot of homework to do and quickly left the table. In the comfort of his bedroom, Grant sat down on his bed and tore open his backpack to remove the book that Father Don had borrowed to him. The shiny clear glaze of the book cover reflected the warm yellow light of Grant’s bedroom light fixture. The large hard covered book was smooth in his hands and he admired the color quality of the picture on the cover. The lush green lawn, perfectly kept, with the ancient looking stone church with its towering Victorian steeple adorned with a golden crucifix that drew the gaze of anyone who looked at the picture.

Here in the coziness of his bedroom, Grant was determined to learn more about his dreams and his visions. Where did they originate? What did they mean? How was this all possible? It could not be an accident, he thought.

The shag carpet of the bedroom, which his grandpa had installed after his uncle moved out, was still in pertcfect condition 15 years later. Grant’s room was always well kept as he liked to be orginized and knew that in order to think clearly his room had to be tidy and neat. Several finished Model Tanks line the top shelf of a bookcase and lots books adorned its shelves below which included Grant’s favorite that his mother read to him “Hatchet”.

Imagining this very moment earlier on while still in class, Grant had pictured himself reading the book at his clutter free desk under the light of a reading lamp. Instead, here he was sprawled out on his bed with his things poring out of his backpack. He had to remind himself to kick of his shoes as he laid down and opened up the book.

He began at the first page, but wasted no time reading the words. He was looking for a picture, a picture of the runes. He knew that they would not leave out something as important as a priest buried in the church. It was too important, he thought as he turned a couple pages. They had to at least mention it.

As each page passed Grant’s view he sped up turning page after page; History, demographics, famous events, where is it? Finally two thirds of the way through he book he landed on the page he had been searching for.

The photograph was almost identical to the one Father Don had taken and shared with the students. This one, however, was much clearer and Grant could almost make out every Rune engraved onto the gravestone. The runes appeared to be almost 3d as they lit up the page and Grant was mesmorized. A bright green translucent light outlined and accented the symbols shapes and highlighted the markings in the stone. It was identical to the green misty color of the tree in his vision.

Grant was completely captivated by the symbols on the glossy page. Awestruck, Grant began to trace the outline of the gravestone with his finger his own curiosity drove him further as he turned to the next page.

In giant black bold letters the heading of page read “Mythology and Origin of the Ancient Runes”. Without reading another word, Grant’s attention pulled him to a chart. There each rune was detailed and showed each Symbol, English equivalent, and the runes meaning.

Grants eyes widened. He did not waste any time reading the descriptions. From the pile of clutter falling out of his backpack on the bed, Grant grabbed the first notebook he saw and opened it up to a blank page. In a frantic fury, Grant scribbled down every rune with its accompanying description word for word and worked hard to try and memoize each one as he wrote it.

He had made a discovery. The information had been long lost to his ancestors past, here he was a young boy who possessed the ancient knowledge that an unforeseen force had been trying to show him for months now. He had struggled for so long to understand the symbols of his visions, now here they were each rune of the Elder Futhark laid out before him in his own hand writing.

Thorisaz=Thorn or Giant
Ansuz=Ancestral God Odin
Jera=A Year
Eihwaz=Yew Tree
Pertho= Cup or Vagina
Algiz=Elk, protection
Tiwaz= Try, Sky God
Berkino=Birch Goddess
Ehwaz= Horse
Mannaz= Mankind
Laguz=Water or Leek
Ingwaz= Earth God
Dagaz= Day or Dawn
Othala= Ancestral Property

This is what his Grandfather had tried to explain to him, the way it was before the church took over. This was the ancient way a it was coming back to life through the existence of the boy.

Once Grant was satisfied with the runes he had perfectly scribbled down in his notebook, he returned to the book to find out more.

“Each of the 24 runes has an accompanying name associated with the sound the rune makes when it is spoken. The first discovery of runic script dates back to the first century BC. Mythology of Prechristian European tribes details that the Raven God Odin killed himself by a self-inflicted spear wound to the side, and hung in the tree of life for nine days and nine nights to obtain the knowledge of the runes to share them with humankind.

Odin, often appearing dressed in all Grey, was a wandering God obsessed with knowledge so much so that he cut out his own eye in exchange for all the knowledge in the Universe. It is said that Odin’s two ravens patrol the earth and report all of human activities to him each day.”

Grant could not believe what he was reading. How could this be? He saw the man in grey many times. Was he God?

Tears began streaming down Grant’s face. He was not sad but it was another emotion causing the tears he was for the first time in his life experiencing pure joy. He felt completely weightless and began laughing out loud and wiped the tears away. Me!, he thought. Why is this happening to me? Grant grabbed the book and cradled it to his chest. These are the old gods that Grandpa was talking about. Had they spoken to him too?

Grant set the book down and looked back at the runes he drew in his notebook. What would they tell him? Returning to the book, Grant began searching for more answers, he found none. There was not much else written about the runes and knew he would need to find out more. It was too late to ask his Grandpa about it and he did not want his Grandma knowing because he was certain that she would make him talk to the priest again.

Clutching the book in his hands once more, Grant laid back and collapsed his head against the pillow emotionally exhausted from the experience he had just endured. Sounds of waves crashing on the shore filled is mind as his concoiusness departed reality.

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Interesting: most of the chapter is set in a bedroom where a boy reads an old book, but it's here that most of the advances in the story take place. Now I'm hoping I didn't read the chapters out of order, hoping this book isn't the one that gets burned in the bonfire!

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Congratulations on being a March Madness writer, #mmfan Bruni enjoyed your #freewrite today. Here's today's prompt:

🚨🔨🔨🔨 It's hammer time🔨🔨🔨🚨

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Thank you, that’s awesome!

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I do not know what to think about Grant... very detailed if it comes to his room, learning runes, but boys who love to tell juicy details to friends... after reading that I found it hard to read on. Perjhaps this is a book for?

The rune part I like... my owl and a dog are each named after 1 rune.

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It’s an awful sentence and I hate it! I felt awkward writing it but left it as that’s how it came out 😂. Will be gone once I edit!

You have a pet owl? That’s crazy! Can I ask what the names are?

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