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RE: 🏆 [CONTEST] Appreciate Your Fellow Steemians And Win Amazing Prizes! (Part 2)

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A big big CONGRATULATION on your Dolphinship!!!!

Well this just timely! In all my time here in Steemit, there is but one great person whom I am forever in debt. She had been shadowing and observing me in all my mommy posts. Then she had invited to be under the wings of the WW Family at @welcomewagon. She had always encourage me to keep doing what i love, to nurture the passion in writing and constantly be in touch with the others. As I always say to her, before I was floating adrift, alone and halfway lost. I did not know much about Steemit, i did not know where to ask for I have so many questions in mind. The black and white docs are not enough to be read and understand alone. But now, a lot of my questions were finally answered. My queries were dealt with and explained patiently. If it was not for her, I might have slowly faded in Steemit.

Miss @dreemsteem, Id like you to know how much i appreciate you! 😊😙.. im one lucky red fish to be discovered by you! I have found genuine friendship. Thank you so much for your overwhelming support. I have no more words to tell how grateful I am!! Hope digital hugs and kisses suffice. 😚😙😗

And the other one, is my sissy @twodork! She has always had my back in everything. Dear Sissy please do know how much i appreciate you!! Thank you lots and i miss you terribly!

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Well..... after reading @anutu's message - and now reading yours... (and I still haven't read the one from @eveningart which GINA told me about) i'm in tears!

dont worry - they're all happy tears!!!!! :) But my goodness. I'm completely overwhelmed with love today. Thank you!!! hahahaa now i'm wondering if you three conspired together to bless me with your love!!!!! LOLOLOLOL

You, Queenie, have been a delight and always shine your joy all around. Your laughter, your continual comments on everyone's posts... the way you make us feel like we are in your heart! It's so special how you can do this on a grand scale!!!! It doesn't matter how many people - your arms extend even wider to embrace us all with the same amount of affection and joy! You think you were grateful to be a part of WW??? but we are the grateful ones! Each new recruit we bring on - is so special, and making WW to be this shining, multi-faceted beautiful diamond!

Thank you for being who you are!!! for sparkling so brightly that I couldn't look away! I had to have you as part of our family! hehehehehe I love you dearly!!! and i secretly hope that one day we can all be in the same room - laughing, loving, hugging, laughing, talking, laughing..... did i mention laughing??? hehehehehe

Thank you for making my day EVEN brighter!!!

(and thank you AGAIN @simplymike - for hosting this!!!! it's the catalyst to some smiles and tears today - for sure hehehehe)

hahahaha! i did not know they have written/tag you too! hahahaha @anutu and @eveningart, we all have that special place in our hearts for our dear miss @dreemsteem..

you are truly loved!!!!! That is how affectionate, caring and loving person that you are. you spread so much love in anyone... its really contagious!.. we could not get enough of you.. so as simple as this, hoped you'll know that life here on Steemit would have never been this fun if we have not met you.

so bear with us if, we get to enjoy our time being here because of you. Steemit life had more giggles than before. of course, with other WW Family... the giggles just got even bigger!

how i would want that too.. all of us sitting in one room!!!! maybe one day.. who knows..imagine all of us coming from different parts of the world will be meeting each other personally..its a WW dream!!!!

is it a WW dream?

or a WW dreem??? hhahahahaha

I think - BOTH! :)

I was very overwhelmed with knowing that you three (and someone else too) nomimated me. It was a wonderful beginning to my day

tears of joy for sure

I would love for us to all be together somewhere! How can we make this happen?!?!?! aghhhhhhhh maybe when we're all whales LOL

of course it is!! I hope it would be possible given a time frame after we all become whales... hahahahahaha

That is what you're effect on us dreemie! We could not get enough of you. Its evident that all three of us, just posted. No connivance or whatsoever.. hahaha,, it was just out of pure intentions of appreciating you.

lots of love for all of us.

hehehehe yes you are all so special to me :) I love to see what's happening in WW!
and i agree - let's get to whale status and then TRAVEL THE WORLD!!!! :)

Yes! I like it better now.. all are active, spontaneous and fun!

Its like every week there is something new brewing in the WW House..

WW travel goals! Haha cheers to that! 🍸🍷

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yes - and if i could only think of a good contest for the SBI!!!! gahhhhh it's driving me crazy LOL i want to post it tonight LOL

Yaaayyyyy gooo for it.. we all want to join in! Dont drive yourself to craziness hahahahaha..

Take it easy.. we will support you all the way!

You might want to start it first at the ww discord when everone is online.. when will that be? Haha

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Now that's what I call an appreciation message :0)
I think both will be very pleased when they read it.
Thanks for joining

Thank you back at your awesomeness!!!

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I love you Queeie! hehehehe

i love you back Miss dreemie!!! always..

my sweet Q

<3 hehehehehe

always my darling!

unbelievable. i'm just overwhelmed

I aw quite some people say wonderful things about you, @dreemsteem.
That's why I hold these contests - we often think people know that we appreciate them, but to hear it spoken out loud is still something else...

They do tell me often too :) but to see it all in one place - it did make me cry :)
Thank you for the contest!!! :)

You are welcome. Thanks for your reaction. That is exactly why I host these contests. It makes me so happy to see all those people being happy because they feel appreciated.

They do tell me often too

Then you are blessed with some nice people around you. :0)

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