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RE: 🏆 [CONTEST] Appreciate Your Fellow Steemians And Win Amazing Prizes! (Part 2)

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Firstly! Congratulations on making a Dolphin!

Here are my nominees:

  1. @dreemsteem because she lives, breathes, walks, writes, sings, speaks and lives her life in GIVING all of herself here when she isn't with her family. She runs the welcome wagon. Has inititated so many ways to give just about as much steem away as she can earn it. I don't know how this woman exists with so little sleep, yet she does, I think she might be alien but since we don't discriminate based on species here....I think she more than makes the cut!

  2. This is so hard and unfair as there are so many. But one very special person comes to mind. @lynncoyle1

She may live a quiet life here on Steemit, but her presence once she has visited, is not one you forget easily. She has a point of view that almost all of humanity would overlook, yet she would manage to find an angle of empathy and compassion most of us don't see. Her authenticity and genuine appreciation of the things she curates leaves the author with such encouragement, it truly engenders good content.

These are my heartfelt nominations.

Thank you for this contest. I hope these kind souls win! Xx I


I think the win is for the author of the comment! not the people who are nominated. hehehehe so i hope YOU win :)

Thank you, my twinnie for all the love that you have unceasingly poured out onto me. Whether it be in the form of laughter (yes - that poor cow - it took me ages to drag him into the forest. but i was late for my yoga class, so i couldn't give him proper assistance hahahahahahahahahaha) or tears (yep. but they are cleansing tears) or support (oh my gosh - i still remember one of our first conversations, talking about our business ideas hehehehe was that 10 years ago? feels like it LOL) or sage wisdom (Mega. We should have purchased stock in Mega LOLOL) whatever it is.... it's a circle of love surrounding it all - and i love every moment of it.

I AM an alien though. Thank you for not discriminating against me based on my species. hehehe my violet blood runs deep. and my poor spleen couldn't take it if you discriminated!!!! (we don't feel with our hearts we feel with our spleens. see?) hahahahahahahaha

Oh my spleen feels so deeply for you too Twinnie love!

Gosh, it feels like a few lifetimes for sure! Hahahaha. Oh my goodness, I swear I still laugh out loud at our mad moments.

Hon, the love and support felt and received is so very mutual. Our chats, the love and fellowship you show me is really quite special, unlike anything I've experienced before. I am so blessed to have you in my life.

Not to mention the amazing people I meet as a result of our proximity to your radiating heart!

I didn't realize I was tempted contestant! Hahaha. Thank you for highlighting that!! Only you would have realized what I was thinking then. Lol!!!

Oh @kchitrah that is such a beautiful comment! Thank you so much :) Your words are always so full of love and kindness ... you really do make my heart smile.

You are the first person to say something like that to me regarding my curating, but that really is how I feel about the people and content I help get noticed! Thank you for being so perceptive and so very sweet!! <3

You make it so easy love! Your actions speak volumes of your heart.

Hope the move went well, and you are having good days with Brian. Xx

Thanks for joining, @kchitrah.
I think both girls will be very appreciative when they read your comment.

Just one thing:

She may live a quiet life here on Steemit,
Are you sure you're talking about @lynncoyle1?? Lol, just kidding 😎

Hahaha, at least the sliver of @lynncoyle1 I do know.

Oh and my bad. I honestly thought the contest was for the person we nominate, not us.


To be honest, I have not check it out entirely yet, @kchitrah. It was a tip from a friend, but I haven't had the time to take a decent look.

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