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RE: 🏆 [CONTEST] Appreciate Your Fellow Steemians And Win Amazing Prizes! (Part 2)

in #mapsters2 years ago

How in the steemiverse could this be possible, to write only about TWO friends here, that I appreciate ...

Puhhhhhhh ... alright ... so:

The amazing @dreemsteem who opened my eyes to a new universe with her kindness, her respect and her never ending support. She gave me a little push in her own way, full of love and fun. Without you I would have never started a very special project. (@dreemsteem, you know what I mean)

Then there is the sensitive @eveningart, who with her sensitive antenna pict up my sensitive and shy waves, that flow through the steemiverse. Somewhere, in a moment lost in time and space - it feels like aeons ago - she opened up her steemiverse space ship door, looked at me and saw how I was floating through space. I thank you @eveningart for finding me.

Oh shall I carry on ..... aghhhhh ... the rules ... thank you very much @simplymike for this amazing contest!


Oh my darling @anutu - it was a very happy day for me when I discovered you floating through the Steemiverse... and now you've given me a spaceship?! I'm one very very happy alien right now :) Thank you so much for mentioning me- you've made my day - my week! And lovely Dreemie- how does she do it? Where does she find her endless love from?

E x

When you have been shown endless love - it's hard to keep it bottled up! The need to return it in various forms is overwhelming! hehehehe

my only problem is finding enough ways to do it ;)

I run out of energy before I run out of love - that's for sure. hahahaha

This is so true, I feel like a well shaken champagne bottle then. hihi <3

hahahahahaha yes!!! ready to explode! LOLOL i love it!!!!

Ohhh ... I LOVE very happy aliens! :)
What else can I say: ... with out words ...

Very poetic, @anutu :0)
Thanks for taking the time to show your appreciation

Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to show my appreciation with your amazing contest @simplymike! And congratulations for making a Dolphin !!

You're welcome, @anutu . And thanks :0)

This is just what I needed to wake up to. :)

deep sigh

The past few days have been difficult for me - not sure why... but they have been. I've been feeling so disconnected from my lovely people! hehehe and then today - I read this! (and I already saw that @eveningart did the same!) wow. it's just the gentle hug that I needed ! :) desperately needed!!! :)

I'm so glad that you felt all the love and fun that I did try to infuse hehehehe I so look forward to seeing what you bring to the world. I will be smiling on with love, support, joy, and a lot of cheerleading!!! hehehehehe

thank you @simplymike for bringing this contest up! Isn't it funny how you intend one thing - and it begins a cascade of joy and love along with it??? I always try to do the same. Sometimes I fail - sometimes I succeed - but we always try - right? :) congratulations on becoming a dolphin!!! and thank you for being part of my huge smile today! :)

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