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in mapforum •  10 months ago

So...I wanted to know if anyone else finds the new Night Mode feature of Steemit as appealing as I do, and if so, is there a plan in motion to have its 'Toggle' feature more permanent?

Something where you toggle it once, and it remembers your preference, and then no matter whether you're signing in from the same PC or a different one, it keeps it in Night Mode. And the only time that changes is if you manually toggle it back?

Anyone else reflect me sentiments about a more fixed (toggle-capable) dark themed layout?

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The point is that the toggle should be a global setting rather than session-based.

I'd post this on steemit tag or even to see if someone wishes to implement it the way you wish.


I've heard of ...
Think I will, soon as I'm done poring over the MAP #30 articles, casting my vote, and uploading my own post.

Thanks @rycharde :D
Also, we are allowed to cast more than one vote, right? It's been a while, and I remember doing it before during the MAP #18, #19 and I think #20 too, but wasn't sure if it was allowed.

I thought I was the only one that like the night mode feature and I thought was the only one that gets frustrated by clicking the toggle night mode everytime
Good to know people love it too....I'm not alone..
Something should be done to it


Yeah, you're not alone m8...I think the alternate theme is preferred by quite a few people. As @rycharde mentioned, this is something I intend to take to someone at for implementation of an account-globalized setting for the Night Mode skin.

The primary color scheme is really rough on my eyes, swear by night mode. Actually I was teaching a friend some basic steemit stuff and told him the first thing to do was go to settings click night mode so he could actually look at the screen (his response was "HOLY FUCK")


Ah, I'm not the only one.
The extremely white look gets me too, since I'm partially photosensitive. Or at least my eyes are anyway.
I was actually using a theme on Opera from a website called or something, which made Steemit dark, much like the current Night Mode setup (also has a bunch of website skins that turn popular white-themed websites into dark themed's fantastic), but which ceased working after Steemit got a design layout. So obviously I was happy to suddenly spot the Night Mode feature, except I then discovered that it was session based and got a little annoyed at that.

Your friend's response wasn't too unlike mine when I first discovered it tho XD