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Mango (English: Mango) is a tasty fruit of Indian subcontinent.
[2] In raw condition, the color is green and puja has yellow color. Mango India
Known as national

Scientific name of the species that are cultivated in Bangladesh and India
Mangifera indica It is a member of Anacardiaceae family. [3] But there are about 35 species of mango in the world. There are varieties of mango [4], such as Fazli, Langra,
Gopalbhog, Khirsa, Aruna, Amrapali,
Mallika, Subarnarekha, Egypt,
Anilbari, Kalivog, Kanchima,
Alfonso, Baramacei, Totapuri,
Karabau, Kauai Sawai, Gopal Khas,
Kent, Suryapuri, Pahutan, Triphala,
Haribhanga, Chattaparas, Guathali, Lakhna, Adaira, Kalvati etc. India
In Malda, Murshidabad, there is abundant mango cultivation. Mango tree has been taken as a symbol of the national tree of Bangladesh.
[Citation needed] Mango cultivation is increasing in Chapainawabganj of Bangladesh. We are called 'king of fruit'.
Mango tree
Mango trees are usually 35-40mm (115-130 ft) long and the maximum is 10 m (33 ft) radius. Mango trees have lived for many years, some of which have been seen to be fruitful in the age of 300 years. Its main roots go up to 6 m (20 ft) deep below the soil. Mango tree is evergreen, simple, alternating, 15-35 cm Long and 6-16 cm Is wide; The black leaves are of red-pink color to look like. Aamir Mukul comes out from the tip of the pulse, starting from Mukul to mango seasoning takes about 3-6 months.
Cultivation and use
A mango treemango_209220.jpg

In the Indian subcontinent, the cultivation is going on for thousands of years, [5] in Eastern Asia, the migration started in the 5th-4th century BC and the cultivation started further in the 10th century AD [5]. After the Indian subcontinent and some parts of East Asia, in other parts of the world there are countries like the Indian subcontinent, such as in Brazil, the West Indies or Mexico, much later the American circulation and production started. [5] Moroccan tourists Ibn Batuta recorded the Amer Characters in the 14th century. [6]
At present, almost all the warmer climate regions in the world have mango cultivation. Nearly half of them are producing mango only
In India [7] [8] [9]. After that, the other countries which produce mangoes are in it
China, Bangladesh, Pakistan,
Australia, North-South and Central
America, Southwest, and Central
Africa etc. Mango is a very fruitful fruit.
Chapainababganj district in Bangladesh is famous for the mango. "Kansat Mango Market" is known as Bangladesh's largest mango market in the continent of Asia. Much of this place is very tasty and demanded mango is available in some places, including Maqimpur, Chakkirti, Lashipur, Jalibagan, Khanabagan.
The time of mango mangoes in Bangladesh
Mango name is maturity time
Govindbhog since 25th May
Golpakhas since 30th May
Gopalbhog since 1 June
After the 5th of June
Heyasagar or Jhishashat from 12th June
Langara since June 15th
Laksmanbhog since 20th June
Haribhanga since June 20th
Ampali since July 1st
Mallika is from 1st July
Fazley from July 7th
From July 25th
Medicinal herbs
In the treatment of Ayurveda and Unani system, ripe fruits are used in laxative, irritable and tonic or bolster. Tomato mango and even raw mangoes to prevent night blindness and blindness. Knee leaf juice is beneficial to dental pain. Mango Dried Mukul relaxes thin lavatories, old liver and urine pains. Amara leaf crust is used for fever, chest pain, and diabetes.
Along with eating as well as eating fruit, chutney, rice, mango, marmalade, jam, jelly and juice are made from mango.
Mango is unique in taste, nutrition and ginger. So I am called the king of fruit. There are plenty of vitamins A or carotenes, vitamin C, minerals and calories. Amatrine in the direction of Vitamin A is almost all the fruits of the Earth.
Nutritional value

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