The Mandela Effect (Do You Remember C3PO With A Silver Leg? I don't!!!)

in mandelaeffect •  2 years ago 

Until about a year or so ago I would have bet you that C3PO was an all gold droid.How do you remember C3PO?

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I am from a younger generation where star wars (episode 4-6 and I was born shortly before episode 1) and I do remember him having one leg as slightly discolored to his other. That being said, in most scenes of episode 4 you see C-3PO in the desert of Tatooine where much of the set would reflect off of it making it look like the rest of his body but more dull (see below)
So while I wouldn't have thought his leg was silver, I did notice it was a different color.


Yeah this is how it has always been in this reality but he was always all gold to me my entire life until last year.


Its interesting to think about, because now we have to question what we currently view as it may have something as small as this that we completely miss. Also don't worry, I just loaded up my lego star wars game and C-3PO is gold on both legs meaning even the people that are supposed to know this stuff don't!