Thanks mate. Its actually going really well and has been of great benefit to the Adelaide crew.
Coming up on 500 native SP; only just enough people on the list to find sufficient comments to upvote each day, so near guaranteed upvote currently.
We had 3 more newcomers at today's BBQ, so @ligayagardener, @mazzle and @bluemango8 only need come to 2 more meets and delegate 100 SP, and they'll be on the list.

Let’s have another BBQ this month so that I can hit 3 meet ups by the end of March. :P

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@o07 was just saying on discord he had a massive sleep (back to back night-shifts) and I've just broken it to him that the BBQ's are 18 months apart, so missing one means 3 years without.

18 months! We’d better make the next one a massive event then.

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