Shaidon's Stumpers #2 What Was Your Onboarding Price?

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The Price Of Steem

If you hang around Steemians long enough, you'll soon hear the phrase "1 STEEM = 1 STEEM". And for the most part it's true, while you're on Steemit or any other Steem related dApp transferring funds anyway. The price of Steem you see people talk about often is it's relationship to the US dollar, and at the price of posting, it's currently US$0.41.
This means that those dApps that tie their Steem price to the US dollar will have a fluctuating Steem price.
(This is why SBD or Steem Back Dollars are so good).

Steem Monsters does this.

Steem is an actual currency, and it's a difficult one to get my head around sometimes because of the digital nature of it, that and I have yet to actually convert Steem back to Australian Dollars and back into my bank account.

Your Onboarding Price

My first introduction to Steem was from a YouTuber I know, @old-guy-photos, and Steem was about US$5 before it skyrocketed to about US$9.

Others I have asked have told me that they onboarded when Steem was only US$1. They lament that they once thought that US$3 was a good onboarding price (towards the end of last year when Steem plummeted to US$0.25) but also that this would all be a moot point if Steem "went to the moon" again (a phrase that refers to stock reaching a really high price).

US$0.25 would have been an ideal onboarding price now that Steem is US$0.41.

The point of this post is that very often it's easy to get discouraged when the price of Steem is considered "down ", but that's relative to your onboarding price, isn't it? Or at least when you started investing in Steem.

It's really easy for me to focus on my Steem wallet here:
(Just replace your account name to see yours) when in reality, the US$ amount I am generating is here:

Steemworld 2.jpg
It's been a slow week...

it's important to look mixture of looking at both Steem and the US price because they do fluctuate often.

1 Steem could be worth anywhere from US$0.25 - US$10.00 (and greater!), so who knows what it will be worth 10 or 20 years from now?

Then again, maybe I shouldn't focus on the numbers and just try to produce and share the best, amusing content that I can and hope that at least somewhere, someone gets at least a laugh out of what I am doing here.

Please let me know in the comments below what your onboarding price was and feel free to share this around the place.

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Its all relative, isn't it. I bought in around a dollar. Half just under and half just over. I bought with bitcoin I was hodling, so on paper I'm down in price terms, since bitcoin has recovered from the big drop better than STEEM has.
That said, I'm getting yield now, so if we pencil in another 1-2% per month for the last 12 months or so that's another 18% to offset. Also there's the fame, the followers and the flesh golems :)


Actually my post became sort of a moot point when I realised that Steempeak shows the potential payout in both Steem and US$. LOL. Silly.


Yes it's relative and it's a tricky mind game. Some people leave when the price of Steen drops because they were using it as a form of income, which is fine. I chose to use it for it's own sake, where it sometimes doesn't feel like a real currency. If I use my blog post earnings to buy Steem Monsters cards it can seem even less so (because it's virtual) even though they are worth actual US currency (or $AU if I want to cash out through an exchange).

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Yes when I started it was about 10 cents and dropped to 7 cents around the time Dan left I think. However I should say in fair disclosure, I never invested a penny and have taken a good bit out.


I haven't taken any out, but I have invested a bit just to get me started. Not only that I play Steem Monsters and various other games that payout dividends, so I can't say I haven't invested a penny. Over all, I have made a profit here. I wish DTube worked a lot better so that I could do a lot more video work more often.
But the potential here is incredible. The point of this post is that I wondered whether your onboarding price determines your attitude towatds Steem and Steemit itself.

For you, it seems like it's been pure profit. I have made a few hundred dollars (in terms of SP value) even with the price being what it is. If it goes to $10 then it will be amazing.

But who knows what the future holds?


Agreed. What I am doing with DTube is this:. First I use Handbrake to compress the files, so they load reliably. I also upload to YouTube and put that into the post. I go on Steemit and edit the YouTube link in and just say in case DTube doesnt work... Since I upload the vids twice I find Handbrake is a time investment.


Yeah I use handbrake as well, based on your recommendation a while ago. But I do need to just get back into the habit of recording and uploading video and then worry about the quality later.

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