Buy an electric skateboasrd, he said. It's not weird at all.

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Bought a new toy on Sunday.

Been interested in electric skateboards and similar devices since about 2015 when I started seeing them pop up on YouTube, and I finally hit my mid-thirties crisis and bought one.

This is the Exway X1. Cost me $999. Goes up to 40km/h (24m/h) and up to 16km (10mi) on a charge, depending on factors.

Originally I wanted one for a swift commute between work and home, but that's less useful now that I'm no longer a 10 minute bus ride from home, and now a 45 minute ride form home.

But hey, dreamers gonna dream. Now I just need a name. Thoughts?

How we've gotta see if a tubby 35 year old who has never been on a board can somehow learn to ride it and not kill himself.


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I just spent money I shouldn't have on a PS4 VR set. It's really as awesome as @holoz0r and you both said it was. I did get a little nausea, but that's to be expected.

Congrats on the new skateboard. It looks like it goes rather fast.

My job has started to pick up some much needed shifts, but I am still interested in applying for that vacancy you mentioned. It might end up being a pay cut from what I am doing now, but hopefully the shifts will be consistent. I'd have to find out what the hourly rate was and what the pay would be, etc.

I am slowly but surely pulling away from Centrelink and it's a scary time because it means that my rent will increase. I've been through that before, but the work was consistent enough that it didn't bother me.
Once the work finished it took them 6 weeks to agree to backpay me though. Nightmare.

I just want a consistent income so I know where I stand. I don't mind being a mindless drone for a while.

Hey mate, if it's consistency you're into, this might suit you well. Pay is $41k per year give or take a few bucks, standard 4 weeks paid leave, 10 days sick leave. Shifts are 7.5 hours plus two 15 minute and one half hour break. It's a call centre job, and applications could wind up being any of four contracts, but all three are government. All but one contract are inbound, one is outbound, but it's government - so you're calling people that know they have appointments. There's a huge focus on quality over quantity, as well as strict adherence to privacy/security, as well as minimised unplanned leave.

If you're interested, shoot me a message on Discord and I'll give you my work email to send a resumé, which I can send off for you.

That looks real sexy just like that. I'd be struggling to take it out of the packaging.
I was just chatting with @holoz0r earlier, my dream ride would be the 2L Kawasaki vulcan.

#whylambo #samemoon #millionsbeforepillions

Still trying to reconcile the fact this has the same size engine displacement as my actual car. Nucking futs.

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It was like they measured me up and made me a bespoke (sic) motorcycle.

Now just make sure you don't paint it dark red with your own blood.

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I'd like you to speak at my funeral if I do. Also, delete my porn folder.