Mallsballers Meet on the Full Moon!

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Yesterday's monthly meetup fell on the full moon, but we were safely ensconced in The Jade away from the werewolves and loons. Either that, or we were the loons and compatible enough not to realise!

This month was a cosy group of 13 (spooky numbers as well as spooky moons) so we just moved two big tables together (@stuffing showing her superior strength off to help accomplish this) to bring us all together. In alphabetical order the attendees were @holoz0r, @izzydawn, @jeniwonders, @lordnigel, @mattclarke, @minismallholding, @nerdfury, @o07, @realtreebivvy, @shaidon, @stuffing, @ursa, @wildflowerjessi.


In the low lighting collaborations were going on. What have the creative minds of @stuffing, @wildflowerjessi and @holoz0r got planned for Steemit?

@o07 upped his game, again, and provided a fun game of Mallsballers bingo to decide a winner for his silver coin this month. In the dim light it was a bit hard to see the little #mallsballers profile pics, but everyone helped each other out. Our newest member @jeniwonders called bingo! What a great little initiation for her now she's officially a Steemian.

@wildflowerjessi brought some henna in to share with us. This is something I've wanted to try since I was a child and it was wonderful to watch her skilfully working and to hear how each ingredient works in the henna paste. @realtreebivvy stood over us with a phone to try and provide a bit more light for the artist to work.

A beautiful mandala for @izzydawn

@mattclarke decided to try and compete with her with a Texta. In the low light we thought it was brown, but it turned out to be purple, so not quite henna coloured.

Matt's creation between Jessi's

There were mentions of projects which should help to build the #mallsballers community both on and offline. I can't claim they came from me though, so I'll leave it to others to share. One thing that Matt did mention, that could be worth considering if you’re wondering about growing meetups in your area, is that a set venue and a set regular date might be what helps bring people from Adelaide and surrounds together regularly. Even if we miss the odd one, we know there's another one to come without having to check up where or when it is.


This morning's henna stains

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Thanks for the shout out :)

I think I will print the cards next month to fit 2 per A4 card.

Bingo was just something to mix it up, and seemed to be a crowd favourite!


The interaction was fun for this one. Just a shame about the lighting.

What beautiful photos!!! And Matt did an amazing design!! Might need to train him up with a Henna cone!! Thanks for sharing and it was so fun to catch up again 😊✨


Might need to train him up with a Henna cone!


The light was terrible for most of the photos. Izzy forgot her card for the camera so she couldn't take any for me this time. Glad I got a few useable ones though.


Great photos,

I draw the line at @mattclarke doing henna on my head lol...

#willleavethattojessi #professional #keepitupmatt

Keen observers may notice some slight differences between the work of the two artists ;)


Well of course! Every artist is unique.

Very beautiful mandalas and henna patterns <3 What a nice post :> The designs are all very interesting and intricate * ___ * And, the tips about conducting meetups are valuable and very true, also <3 Lovely, lovely post <3


They are beautiful! Jessi is very talented and obviously loves what she does. She does paintings with mandalas too.


One of three of hers hanging in my lounge room. Love 'em.


She stood in our lounge, looked at the wall and asked us about our favourite colours and animals, then painted these three huge canvasses.
We got elephants, dragonflies and butterflies :)

You guys rock the meet-ups. Adelaide always looks so good!


You are more than welcome to join us, if circumstances allow for it.

I'm sad I missed this post a few days ago.

That snap of the three of us (@stuffing, @wildflowerjessi, and myself conspiring... ) I've saved it, and would love to use it later down the track when we're all incredibly lauded for our achievements.

Thanks for capturing that moment candidly!


I'm glad you like it. My camera doesn't like inside light at the best of times, so I was pleased that one of the snaps turned out as well as it did. I'm curious to see the results of your plans!

very nice !!