#mallsballers, Hot Buttered Cider, and Silver Bullion

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So last night was the #mallsballers meetup! 

My friend @wildflowerjessi brought me along a month ago and I am so glad she did! This was the second one that I have attended and I have to say it is just getting better! The Jade is a fantastic place to just get together. I was introduced to a lovely winter drink called Hot Buttered Cider. I think Australian winter just met its match! So delicous. 

In addition to great ambiance and delicious food the company and conversation was fantastic. I had the privilage of seeing these great people again: @ursa @holoz0r @mattclarke @o07 and @minismallholding. And met @stuffing and @lordnigel for the first time. 

Then to top it all off @o07 brought along a Darth Vader in a 1 oz .999 silver coin just to give away. Breakdown: there was bingo and through my great skill of rocking up and participating I won!! This morning my son wanted to know where I got my "treasure".  

Also a huge shoutout to @o07 for taking the time to answer my pile of questions of how things work and what stuff means. So helpful!


Being new to the Steemit world I did not expect to start up and have a magically valuable account. But the value that I have found in being a part of Steemit and specifically part of #mallsballers has been so much more than the acquisition of crypto currency. Finding an outlet for conversation and a place to gain an understanding of different perspectives have been a great pay off :) I do hope to continue to see an increase to the value of my time and input as I put more work in, but the investment into relationships and learning is already producing great rewards. 

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Absolutely!!!! I am SO glad to be on this journey with you and I am so totally getting hot buttered cider next time!!!! Or maybe looking up a recipe and making it tonight...hmmmm🧐🧐 you are amazing Jeni. I’m glad you won the coin and I hope I do next time 😆😆🙋‍♀️

The Jade is my favourite chill out spot. Fun fact: I helped paint most of it back when it first opened. One night I hope the owner, Zac, is working. Easily Adelaide's loveliest bartender!

Some poetry nerds booked out our regular spot, so we just pulled some tables together and forged on next to the open fire.
So cozy. I should've hit that buttered cider; I had a sip of @nerdfury's last month and it really hit the spot.
Always lovely to have your sharp intellect and smiling face at the table.


We should have gotten all the poetry nerds onto Steemit. Would have made the Mallsballers group even bigger.


You have been assimilated. Here are your account names and bingo cards.

Hot buttered cider! I didn't know that existed. Nor that it matters, I was driving anyway.
@o07 really knows how to welcome new #mallsballers into the fold, doesn't he. 😉


Your too kind...

There’s always a red carpet @ the Jade for the #mallsballers :)


"there was bingo and through my great skill of rocking up and participating I won!!" Lol! I love that. Looks like another successful turnout.

Thanks for the shout out!

I really enjoyed answering your burning questions :)

#enjoy #mallsballers #adelaide


One of my favorite coins :)

Was great meeting you :); look forward to seeing everyone again next month