March Madness in Adelaide - and an update from our community of #mallsballers

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March is often known as "mad-march" in Adelaide. That is due to the fact that there are numerous festivals all ocurring at the same time, making the city a very busy place to be. Not to busy for Steem meet ups, though.

Adelaide is located in South Australia, and it is the Steem Capital of Australia - and possibly the Southern Hemisphere, with a meet up every last Thursday of the month at The Jade, on Flinders St.

A New Member Approaches!

Last night, we welcomed (officially) our newest Adelaide steemian to the chain, @crohnschick. You should definitely check out her posts. She's documenting her journey with Crohn's Disease, and her many other talents including her photography, art, and writing.

Here's proof that she's real, pictured alongside me and @lordnigel


What we're up to: Onboarding

There's a lot of great benefits and initiatives going on around the Steem blockchain - but it is time to get more serious about onboarding people in the real world. I've recently done this with @crohnschick, helping her get an understanding of the different interfaces, the basics of the Steem Economy, and I'll let her speak for the benefits of my tutelage herself.

Stepping this up, and enabling us to recruit more people locally, and train them in the ways of Steem is something that @mattclarke, @o07 and I are very passionate about. As my fiance @ursa reminds me - "We can't turn cryptocurrency people into awesome content creators, we need to turn awesome content creators into cryptocurrency people".

So that's what I have in the works.

Patient zero, @crohnschick survived my "death by powerpoint" which I've prepared earlier. Here are some slides. I'd love to hear feedback from the community about these. Thank you to @minismallholding for providing some great feedback last night, as well as @lordnigel!

The next batch of content will be in regards to powering up, the most important thing to do on the blockchain! :)

Other Adelaide Projects!

Our @frogcake initative is incredibly stable, and has encouraged white listed users to regularly engage with content on the blockchain.

What's Next

More on boarding. I also have a witness server in my view - which will become a steadfast reality once Steemit Inc get MIRA up and running and into the full production environment. This should also increase the decentralisation of the Steem blockchain.

If you've ever fancied a trip to Adelaide, South Australia, you must schedule it towards the end of a month. You should keep your Thursday evening free, and make your way to The Jade on Flinders St.

There, Steemians gather in numbers, to help, support, and engage one another in a grassroots community fashion. We're fast friends here - and keen to share our knowledge of the Steem blockchain.

We wish you all the best until next month! :)


Its certainly been an interesting time on here! It's wonderful to feel so welcomed by the community and to have so many wonderful people i can connect to online! I dont mind being the guinea pig for testing the "death by PowerPoint" presentation and giving feedback on how to make it easier for newbies like me to interact with haha and @holoz0r was an excellent teacher! Next thing to learn is how to move the currency around so i can upvote more which will be covered in my next crash course with @holoz0r on saturday! Looking forward to that and I will be creating a post presently about my first official night with the #mallsballers :) thanks everyone for the wonderful welcome :)

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Always great to get the band back together.

You're hearing it here first. April 25 is a regular meetup, then May 30 is going to be all about the newcomers.
Start thinking about who you're going to bring along :)

Great post ! Awesome to see Australians getting together and supporting each other on their steem journey.
I’m in rural NSW so a bit hard to meet up face to face .
Your introduction to steem blockchain is awesome!
Wish you all the best .
Have an awesome day!

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Thanks for the encouragement!

The tyranny of distance doesn't help us out all that much. It's easy to do this stuff in Adelaide because it is a small space. If you find yourself in this neck of the woods, let us know, we're keen to provide a welcoming place to wandering Steemians!

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Thanks will do.

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How far away are you from Penrith @mickvir?

Been thinking about Penrith meet ups before I pop, but gotta discuss this with Hubby since he's got me on lock down.

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It’s about 6hrs drive . It would be just as easy to meet you at your place . I was going to go to the Christmas party last year at your place but had to pull out last minute.

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That's right. Sorry man. I got you mixed up with another bloke.

If you're at central coast way I reckon @quochuy might be closest to you. Also @shellyduncan and @cryptoandzen

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Yeah no I’m in Griffith NSW . It’s a nice place but it’s a long way to anywhere .

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👏👏👏 Great post and PowerPoint presentation! Sydney might need to borrow that 😉

Also, 🥳🥳🥳 welcome to Steemit @crohnschick!

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Thank you! :) certainly been a great time so far on here :)

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Copyright the Adelaide team :p

Feel free to duplicate our models!

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Of course copyright and all credits go to Adelaide!!! This is the way of the Steemian!! 🥰

I think I'll need training before I can duplicate your models. You guys have it all sorted out.

I have baby brain. But at least I have a new recruit on the way... in 7 months.

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Small steps, or is that the patter or little feet? ;)
It's interesting to think what a small Steem account could be worth over the next 18 years or so.

Patter of little feet mate 😉
Good point! Might delegate or transfer steem to babybears account and have it curate. See how that goes 😁

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Adelaide steeming along as usual. Nice presentation.

Nice presso Hols~ easy to read, handy aid for explaining to the new comers.

Great seeing everyone again! Sorry I couldn't get all the way around.

ANoTher great catchup! as always @mattclarke & Co out doing themselves organizing these fun monthly #maller meet ups - appreciated :)

So impressed with the Adelaide community.

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