Today's Weed News for September 5th 2018 #MALAYSIA

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For today's weed news we go to Malaysia.

The Shah Alam high court of Malaysia just sentenced a man to death by hanging for producing, possessing and distributing Rick Simpson Oil to sick people free of charge.

Mohammed Lukman, the defendant had 3 liters of cannabis oil and 279 G of compressed pot at his home.

29 year-old Lukman used to help people suffering from diseases and problems that regular legal medicine wasn't effective for and did not take any payment from those that he helped.

Unfortunately, the way that Malaysia's Dangerous Drug Act of 1952's section 39B is worded, distributing the oil without payment doesn't change the fact that he is guilty.

"Any person who traffics any illegal drugs shall be guilty of an offense against this act and shall be punished on conviction with death," reads section 39B.

So I guess it would make more sense if he did receive payment for what he did because there's nothing more that they can do to him except for kill him right?

Lukman's lawyers called on many patients to testify about how the oil they had received help them get better and they reiterated that he did all of this pro bono, just to help his fellow man.

Unfortunately, the Malaysian Ministry of Health does not recognize cannabis for any of its medical uses and no Malaysian physician accredited by them could be found to prove them wrong. This fact alone invalidates Lukman's defense because since it's not recognized as a medicine it is just a common illegal street-drug type substance as far as the court is concerned.

Naturally, Mohammed Lukman is appealing his sentence.

"This is not the fault of the judge, he only performed his task in accordance with the written law... it's clear that he was unaware about the truth of medical cannabis. I believe this is not the final verdict. If it is, Malaysian laws are cruel," said Lukman about the verdict.

This story is extremely sad and should serve as a motivator for all cannabis supporters around the world to take action today to help legalize weed tomorrow so we can stop good people like Mohammed Lukman from being put to death for trying to help sick people.

Malaysia, this is not what's up!


“Take Action Today to Help Legalize Weed Tomorrow” -Kief Preston



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they won't legalize it because they will lose more profit than ever
1st from the so call working legalize drugs
2cd from underground illegal trafficking for drugs
3th ppl will choose weed rather than ciggarate
Basically what i'm saying malaysia government has this dark side that never been reveal

I don't see there's any reason why they don't approve marijuana is better medicine