RE: Steemit Bingo Game #4 Winner(s) Announced

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Steemit Bingo Game #4 Winner(s) Announced

Ooooh, I was in the lead at one point?! How cool.

Congratulations @tamala! @dreemsteem is indeed your lucky charm. ;)

Great entries y'all. Thanks for hosting this fun game @fibrefox.

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Thank you for the kind comments. I certainly got to know many new people from the contest, and hope you have also connected with a few interesting people along the way :) I like how you have combined many of your interests into a business model (which is something I am keen to explore on the blockchain economy), so I will be following your posts and progress on Steemit!

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I am sometimes so deep in the everyday tasks that it takes a comment like yours to stop me in my tracks. Thank you so much. I needed to remember and acknowledge this. I have had so many people ask me about a business model and all those MBA terms I know nothing of. I just go with the heart, and my super duper crazy need to organising things....the two main things I rely on.

Thank you so much for making my day! Much love xx


Very wise business model in going with the heart! I have already seen you around a few places on Discord so it would be good to chat some time soon :)


Thank you! Truly is :) I would love to catch you for a chat soon. I'm not sure what your discord name is, of you could kindly drop me a DM or mention me so I know it's you I would really appreciate it :) :)