MakerDAO Governance Meeting Minutes 2016 December 11th

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Formal Governance

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Thank you all for joining the formal governance meeting. We have 6 participants on the call today.

This part of the meeting will be recorded and is meant to simulates on-chain proposals. Proposals need to be clearly stated, debated, and generally agreed to prior to the meeting. Once a proposal has gone through these three checks it can be brought up in the formal governance meeting for finalization. Proposals should be posted to and can also be discussed in #proposal-discuss on Rocket Chat

Upon conclusion of the formal portion of the meeting, further topics will be discussed and debated.

December Budget (approved)

NameUSD Equivalent
OneUp10,000 *

*Reduced staffing during holiday season

  • OneUp expects lower staffing availability in December. The proposed budget is an estimate and a final invoice will be issued for work completed in December. Invoice not to exceed $10,000

Set price for payment made in ETH to be set at time of triggering (approved)

Reimbursement for OnChain Consulting (approved)

Delegate 35,000 MKR to Andy Milenius (delayed)

50 MKR to Nikolai Mushegian (approved)

Dev Update:

Maker Core

  • MakerUpdate925
    • Many maker-core building blocks were isolated into an update we can run this week:
      • Issuer whitelist
      • Token supply controllers
      • “MakerSystem” env/auth registry
      • Vault
  • released first version of new parity-based testing tool dapple-quicktest
  • got acquainted with the parity codebase and read most of the rust manual
  • migrated test suite from "dapple/test.sol" to explicit ds-test package
  • full maker test suite now takes 5 seconds to run instead of 8 minutes
  • test output is now printed in source order instead of in random order
  • implemented ability to print useful stack traces when contracts crash
  • [wip] continued work on integrating the real auctions with the cdp engine
  • changed liquidation tests to test as little of the auctions as possible
  • [wip] started implementing the real auction mechanics in the python model
  • updated with links to 2017 roadmap and 2016 recap
  • fixed to ignore the non-MKR tokens being traded
  • began work on a more generic fixed point math library DS_ufixed64x64_95

Maker Market

  • GNT released
  • URL routing was launched
  • UI fixed to come

Token Auction / Weekly MKR Auction (UI)

  • James to lead effort for off chain bidding software
  • Likely written in python

Simple Stable Coin

  • Blocked on feedbase decisions, addressed in update 925

MKR Sale update

  • 1572 ETH for 2100 MKR


  • Reviewing script for video three

General Topics:

Topics discussed here are not binding and should not be taken out of context of an open discussion. More is said during the general topics than what can be faithfully transcribed into written text

November Budget

NameUSD Equivalent

Audio Link


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