Maker Meeting Notes 2017 April 23rd

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Formal Governance

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Thank you all for joining the weekly meeting. We have 17 participants on the call today.

This part of the meeting will be recorded and will serve as the formal record of the community consensus. Agenda items should be posted to or in #meeting-agenda on Rocket Chat

Upon conclusion of the formal portion of the meeting, further topics will be discussed and debated.

On Record:

Dev Update:

Maker Core (DRI: rain/mbrock/dbrock):

Oasis (DRI: Geronimo):

  • Moved project management from trello to GitHub.
  • New frontend developer peculiarity has started to work on Oasis issues.

Maker Model (DRI: mbrock ):

  • Deployed simulator web app backed by the purple paper program
    • Remaining work: viewing of the rest of the action types; widget for sending actions; endless possibilities of pedagogical UI stuff
  • Replaced terminology in purple paper as an experiment in neutral jargon

Simple Stable Coin (DRI: Nikolai):

  • Rain and Gonzalo, working through edge cases
  • Ready for user testing (live testing)
    • Possibly do next month's payouts in Sai

Keepers (DRI: reverendus)

  • Basic Buy&Burn forward auction is nearly finished. It’s a basic but extensible implementation, so others can build on top of it.
    • After finishing we will continue with other auction types (forward, two-way).
    • Feeds have become more developed
    • Bots for Sai as well

Video (DRI: kenny):

  • The visual animation is now all completed. The sound artist is in the process of applying the sound effects and melody.

Foundation Update:

MKR Sale update (DRI: rune + zandy):

  • Rune 368.9 ETH for 350 MKR
  • Zandy 678 ETH
    • 2147 not in open orders
    • 417 in open orders
  • Maker developer team MKR bonuses - initial payouts to core developers.
    • The Maker Team Spotlight, a full overview of our developers, their contributions, will be given in the future to help the community see the value that our developers are creating.

General Topics:

Topics discussed here are not binding and should not be taken out of context of an open discussion. More is said during the general topics than what can be faithfully transcribed into written text

Educational Video:

Expanding Dev Team:

MKR Genesis Block:

Audio Link


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