Be An Authority – Bob Nevin’s How To Make Money Online Tip – Habit #30

Be An Authority – How To Make Money Online Tip #30 is part of a 30 part series entitled How To Make Money Online Tips | Bob Nevin’s 30 Work Habit

Ok, Welcome to the last post of the series.


Huge high five – on making it all the way through.

Thank you for going through all of these videos. The last video is teaching you on being an authority in your niche.

Now growing up I was a musician and I had dyslexia. This put me in a great disadvantage in being a corporate recruiter. However, I learned how to overcome those problems through gaining knowledge and putting that knowledge to use. This helped me to become an authority in my niche.

So in this video you'll discover how I was able to do that and become successful online

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So to recap…

Just any ordinary person can't perform brain surgery right? They have to get specialized training which can be very expensive and long hours of education and continuing education, exams and on the job training just to receive the right to have MD after your name and that's even before you enter an operating theater to perform brain surgery on your own. Well, if you expect to become an authority in what ever niche you are in, you'll need training too.

Here is a link to my freedom funnel system where you get to have the chance to make $26 per person that completes the action plans listed on the site. It does take a little time but its completely free to join and use and you can start building your lists right here: Its a great place to start building your customer list and learn some strategies to enlarge your customer base that I have been speaking about in this series.

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Who Is Bob Nevin?

My name is Bob Nevin. I have been successfully working from home doing recruiting and staffing for the corrugated box and related industries in the United States. I have been recruiting sales, supervisors, managers and senior management positions in the corrugated, packaging, and POP industries since late 1996 and started the firm with my Father, Dave working in the evenings until we got the business up and running. Later in 1997 my brother, Bruce joined our firm.

My business engages in placing qualified candidates from the plant supervisory level through corporate and sales. Over the years using these exact habits, I have built a strong network of contacts in my niche industry to include fortune 100 companies like International Paper and Georgia Pacific and a host of other companies with well over 5,000 contacts in my growing lists.
What is this series about?

So in this series I am going into detail about each of the 30 habits from when I wake up and until the end of the business day. I will release 1 habit video per day them over the next 30 days. The reason why I’m releasing these habits is for you to learn about them and possibly implement them into your daily operations with the expectation that you will improve your work output and of course possibly make more money. Like everything in life, there are no guarantees that these will work for you however they have work for me and That’s why I am sharing my 30 work habits.

If you missed seeing videos 1-31 (Including the overview video), please start here:

If you are looking to gain a new perspective on how to run a business online, mitigate the risks, and learn to focus better Please check out this product called The Deep Abyss.
You can start developing new habits here:

Screen Shot 2018-04-03 at 11.02.39 AM.png

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Expect a LIVE interactive 2-hour+ long mastermind discussion each month, an active FB group for ongoing support, and enjoy all of our past archives so you can load them onto your mp3 player and start to re-program your mind for success. You've never been a part of a mastermind quite like this one where the REAL dark secrets are told.

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Like everything in life, there are no guarantees that these will work for you however they have work for me and That’s why I am sharing my 30 work habits.

I appreciate you watching How To Make Money Online Tip #30 | Bob Nevin’s 30 Work Habits – Be An Authority

Be sure to watch the next video and blog.

So I hope you got some value out of this post. If you did please....

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As always, make your day prosperous and inspiring!

To Your Success!


Bob Nevin

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Thank you for watching How To Make Money Online Tip #30 | Bob Nevin’s 30 Work Habits –Be An Authority


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