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RE: My Days as a Samba-Reggae Bass Drum Player... Healthy Body & Healthy Soul!

So fun! What a great thing to be a part of! I bet that was a crazy good workout, and even better that you got to enjoy every second of it. I have never had the pleasure of seeing one of these groups perform, so thank you for sharing your experience. :)


Before I joined I never thought about how physical it would be... I just wanted to do those sexy moves and make some noise! How heavy those drums were though, and some of the long-term drummers would hold their drums up above their heads with one hand and beat it with the other... shows how strong they were!

I tried Zumba once and almost died trying to get my hips to keep up! I can only imagine how hard coordinating dance moves and drumming is! :)

Ha ha! Yeah, it's tricky at first but when you get into it, it's amazing. You feel really cool!!! I never tried Zumba yet but I intend to!

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