Make a Minnow #23 Winner Announcement / 5000 SP delegation prize!

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We are so pleased with all the amazing nominations that we received and we are happy today to announce the winner for round #23!

DRUMROLL! Here are the final votes for this round:









The winner is @carrieallen who will be awarded a 4 week delegation of 5000SP from our sponsor @eturnerx and also 14 SBI (Steem Basic Income) shares.

We also have a surprize for the second place, @enrique89 will be awarded 500SP for four weeks and also 4 SBI shares.

You may have noticed that we are changing the prizes a bit to include SBI. We think this is a fun way to reward people as it keeps giving votes forever!

Congratulations to everyone and thank you @eturnerx for making this possible!

@pechichemena has also contributed to the SBI shares and we thank him as well!

Thank you all for participating! We will be posting the MaM #24 nomination round on Monday so please start to think about who deserves the next Make A Minnow award!

With love,
@juliakponsford, @clayboyn

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I'm so excited to find some sweet content and upvote!!!


Congrats Carrie weee

Oh congratulations to the winner, I feel happy to be appreciated by the community

congratulations @carrieallen and @enrique89 :) ! SBI shares applied for :)

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CONGRATULATIONS @carrieallen You are amazing!
and @enrique89 also congrats for the second spot! :)
congrats both of you!

Congratulations to the winners. I've just made the delegations and applied for the SBI units.