Make a Minnow #15 Winner Announcement / 5000 SP delegation prize!

in makeaminnow •  4 months ago

We are so pleased with all the amazing nominations that we received and we are happy today to announce the winner for round #15!

DRUMROLL! Here are the final votes for this round:

@pechichemena (8)


@amberyooper (6)


@dflo (6)


The winner is @pechichmena! He will be awarded a 4 week delegation of 5000SP from our sponsor @eturnerx.

There was a tie for second between @dflo and @amberyooper, here is the roll!

Screen Shot 2018-06-13 at 6.35.40 PM.png

@dflo will be awarded 1000SP for four weeks and @amberyooper will be awarded 500SP for four weeks!

Congratulations to everyone and thank you @eturnerx for making this possible!

Thank you all for participating! We will be posting the MaM #16 nomination round soon so please start to think about who deserves the next Make A Minnow award!

With love,
@juliakponsford, @clayboyn

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Congratulations @pechichemena! Very much deserved.


thank you muxxy!! so happy :D!

Congrats to the winners! 🤗😃❤

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Yayy! You guys are the best! Thank you for nominating me and voting for me! I will make the most of it and also I just wish I could hug everyone :). Congrats @Pechichemena!!!


also.. gave you my very first 100% upvote with this delegation i have for a month ! I'll try and use it to support everyone else :)


Thank you very much @dflo! and also congrats to you too :) ! Happy to see familiar faces and cool people on the nominations :) ! Cheers!

This is interesting! How come I didn't see this contest before. 😭 Will check your account from to time in case MaM #16 is posted ☺️

Oh. This is only for MSP members 😢
How can we become a member?


Yes, MSP / PALnet members only who are active in the community. Check this link out to join.

Is it just me, or is the winner's link not working?


hahaha hellooo! yup.. my username is spelt wrong hahaha... it's my fault for having a little complicated one :P

Really I want to have steem power. but I do not know how to get

Thank you very much everyone for this awesome prize and opportunity ! I'll use this delegation in the best way possible to support everyone back ! Much hugs and cookies to everyone! :D

Congratulations to the winners. Prize delegations made.