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For about 10 years, after I left University in 1973, I was in the recorded music industry, dealing with promotions and marketing for a number of record labels and artistes. It was great fun and I spent a lot of time in recording studios, television and radio stations (there was of course no internet or social media back then) as well as on tour with the performers we represented.

As time went on I became disillusioned with the industry as it became more about accountants than musicians and so I took a totally different direction and spent another 10 years as a transport manager with a company providing services for the disabled.

Life then turned me down another road and I heard the call of the internet so I dusted off my marketing shoes and just after the millenium I started my own internet marketing company called Marketing 1-0-1 where I remain to this day. I am no longer a 'spring chicken' but I have reached a maturity where I have learned a few things and now have two goals in my professional sites.

Firstly, I believe that our immediate future is bound up with the new world of online television and to this end I have accepted a role as the Sales and Marketing Director of a company called the EDP Television Network which is similar to Netflix and Amazon Prime (except that it is free!)

Secondly I have discovered the truth of the message 'It is better to give than receive' both from a satisfaction aspect as well as a financial one. Trust me ... it's true!! So these are the (probably not exclusively :o) two subjects I intend posting about.

Look out for information about online TV and FREE tips and tricks about how to make money online.

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