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@ned is a rebel lol, curious what his Myers Briggs type is XD

Update: Oh wait he went over that in the past lol, well Ned I'm an INFP ;-)

I have always wanted Ned to use dlive or dtube atleast to encourage them before uploading to youtube. I will be glad to see a dtube link or dlive link before youtube


perhaps if the issues that dtube and dlive cannot upload longer videos?

Youtube does allow longer videos.
I used 3 . dtube, dlive and youtube.
I experience some issues and quit!
But youtube? no issues at all

Questionable, yes, but also fair somehow ;)

maybe because dlive and dtube both do not deliver the required quality? Who knows - or because it is unfair to use one of them - ok he could post twice

Hey guys, will any of you agree with me here?

I simply think that doesn't really need investors more than it needs to start its own advertising service. Allow people to advertise their amazon businesses or any kinds of businesses on the steemit platform. There is billions dollars worth to make out of simply advertising. Why not? Once steemit does this, bam! All problems solved.

dTube doesn't embed videos in steem (you have to click and it takes you out of the page). Youtube links are embeded directly into the post. Maybe that's why. It would be great to fix :)