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RE: Checking magic dice wins/loss

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Hello @bloknation

You requested your Magic Dice details.

You were referred to Magic Dice by None and have 0 referrals.
You are currently delegating 0 Steem Power.

You have placed 2,015 bets with a 80.45% win rate.

You have wagered 473,441.414000 STEEM and 12.366000 SBD.
You have won 459,768.659000 STEEM and 11.638000 SBD.
Your profit is -13,672.755000 STEEM and -0.728000 SBD.

You received 0.000000 STEEM and 0.000000 SBD in referral bonuses.
You received 1,944.889679 STEEM and 7.960966 SBD in dividends.

You have acquired 18,226,128.183361 Magic Tokens.
Your spent per 1M Magic Tokens: 750.173000 STEEM and 0.040000 SBD.

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