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Spell 193

After some disconcerting pips and squeaks on Sunday evening, and after reading #mountainjewel’s blog and agreeing with her that we are trapped in a $ wheel, I remembered: the narrower the rings the tougher the oak. It will have withstood the drought and the relentless sleet well into April, and towered through the grinding year upon the one leaping in bounds. It’s sap rising and falling in a rhythm of trust, it’s yearning ever increasing. It will make a keep a mighty fine solid door. Wouldn’t we want such a musical majesty crafted into an entrance to peaceful living for every worthy Steemian?

I fear not. We hardly give it a thought.

And so we create infinite loops of no escape.

I have a plan!

I have been watching, for many years now, the trees lead by example. The solitary hawthorne, brushed into a mark of questioning, clinging for the love of life onto the ridge. I have heard the brotherhoods of beech whisper their incantations. I have walked through the cathedral of limes, drawn to the rosette of dancing translucence. No matter the losses, the crises, the lows, they stand and deliver the breath our souls need for the greed to expire.

As I was barely surviving my own body to 12 Little Spells, I saw a djed and picked a book and found a spell. I call upon the tribes for a torch maker, a sculptor of men, a lover of dogs and a stable person of much endurance for the baking of clay into four bricks upon which will sit four amulets. A scribe may apply for the script that will repel evil.

He with tamarisk wood, please begin on our coffins, that we may have time to gild them yet; she with black paint do come to fertilise our canopic jars.

After our crafting, we shall carry on to reestablish the balance with the rituals of the Opening of the Mouth and hear the Mother-god speak.

We place:

  • In the east: Anubis - who repels the rage of a hostile one

  • In the west: the djed pillar - which keeps off the “one whose steps are backward and whose face is hidden”

  • In the north: the mummiform - the protector of the soul from all overthrowers

  • In the south: the reed torch - to keep the floor free of sand, and our lungs spared choking.

Let us incant:

May the spherical be rooted in the structure of revolving seasons down to the square.
May all who have ears, hear it.

To conclude, weary now we are, of the same old same old lessons, never about love, let the abdominal portal speak.
I am just going to quote Esperanza Spalding raw.

If longing
Is to be
Longing deep down inside

It's fucking hard
To be longing
Deep down inside

Longing deep down inside is
To be

It is fucking hard to be longing
And at the same time feel your own belonging
Where it's real
Deep down


May you all realise your Selves and be neither burdened by abundance or wrangled by lack, but find enough.

pictures taken from my Catalogue of the Exhibition of the Egyptian Book of The Dead, held at the British Museum in 2010. Read up on it as yet here
The inner coffin of Henutmehyt, 19th Dynasty (ca 1250 BC), painted and gilded wood; British Museum
The stele: The Opening of the Mouth from the stela of Neferabu, limestone, 19th Dynasty, British Museum.
Album cover of: Esperanza Spalding, “12 Little Spells”. Listen and remember yourself like Osiris was re-membered by Isis. The quote was taken from this record, song 06. The Longing Deep Down - Abdominal Portal

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... You overestimate me...

It doesn't speak pigeon about why people are encouraged to post with hashtag creativecoin and what I can do with the CCC I've now got there from votes during my experiment on there - following soyrosa's advice.

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yes, because I finally found the buttons (in settings) I didn't think I had. It's all 4 digits now; I'm really on the money now. Your black screen disorientated me, and then you added more numbers of your own. I was spinning, man! What a trip!

I've been talking to managing directors and accountants all day. I even watch a video of Limbaugh. You could have warned me. That's when my head really became heavy. Politics is not my forté . But I will make intelligible your every word. Still working on your zesty orange piece. I am confused by a sentence I keep thinking is the wrong way round, so I'm missing something...But not the gist and juice of it.

You do realise that every number first and foremost is a "NAME" for me, so forgetting that and carrying on with the order of things is a tall order (I used to never forget a single name, there is improvement in that now... Sono,... Sofono...nibisa)

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How do you know, while you are reading one thing, that another reply has come in? What setting does that? What focus can you be having. There is only two of you and expect all 8 eyes on me when I am before you.

Alice Cooper I do know.

You are in a very servile modus today. What indeed might you need?

I'm going to find that sentence I might need explaining. Or I won't be able to sleep, I know me and you by now.

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Life is good here. No, what am I saying GREAT!
Woke up to a new milestone.
I am really going places now.

Should hit my next life goal in ....what do we estimate: 250 replies in....a week? under a week? And it's prize time again (consisting of ?).

I ignore this like some kind of clickbait, but this kind of filling out of the system across the breadth of it is now actually being counterweighted by our replies, which does indeed give a small sense of accomplishment.

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