MadWorld Music Contest 2 !!! come and play and win up to !SBD

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Hello Dearies,
justa little reminder that round two of the Mad World Music Contest is still open and also see if some new peeps want to join in on the fun :D The deadline is December 23rd at 00:00 hours (midnight) Eastern Standard Time.It's time to crack down on your entries!

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Round #2 what’s the deal?

Let's reiterate -THis Round is Yule/Christmas/Kwanzaa/Hanukkah themed this means that you are prompted to make a winter holiday themed song with items that are traditionally associated with the holidays 😊

Contest Specifications:

1- make a piece of music (any genre) In which you use 5 winter holiday Items and or animals traditionally associated with these holidays (like a reindeer’s yodel) as a base. ( only 2 living beings are allowed the other 3 must be inanimate objects. ) Example you can use cookie cutters, a yule log, wrapping paper, a dreidel, your footsteps in snow, Christmas ornaments, bells, Santa’s Belly get the idea ...the more creative the better. Make it traditional, make a comedy piece, make it gloomy or fun it is all up to you 😊

2-To these 5 sounds you can add vocals, Instrumentation, beats but the 5 Instruments need to be noticeable not just hidden in the piece.

3-Take a photograph of each of the five items and tell us how you used them or make a video of the process.

4- everyone is invited, every skill level welcome.

5- Make a video featuring your song, be it with you in holiday attire, naked with a Santa hat (yes @carlgnash I am thinking of you here 😉cause we know you want to 😉)or a good holiday themed video collage or animation.

other specs:

1-upvote this post as it will help making the rewards pool larger. (You do not have to resteem but it would be appreciated as it lets people know about the contest).
2- all included pictures need to be your own or include a correct image source
3- the song needs to be your own work specifically written for this contest. Plagiarism or recycling will be cause for instant disqualification.
4- The 5 household Items need to be played by you- foreign samples do not count!
5- you must post it under the tag #madworldmusic
6- leave a link to your entry in the comment section of The original post
7- only one entry is allowed per participant -The deadline is on December 23rd at 00:00 hours (midnight) Eastern Standard Time


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We are upping the stakes on first place this time round. First Place Winner will receive 10 SBD and 1/3 of the SBD this and the original post generates. Second Place will receive 3 SBD and 1/3 of the SBD generated from this post. Third Place will receive 2 SBD and the remaining 1/3 of the SBD generated.

Good luck to all participants!

P.s calling on : @acousticsteveo, @asonintrigue, @battleaxe, @carlgnash, @comedyopenmic, @d-pend, @d-vine, @darrenclaxton, @edprivat, @elainefaye, @elbrujo, @enginewitty, @girlbeforemirror, @harrisonmir, @hilladigahackles, @isaria, @ivan.atman, @jeffleinwand, @junkfeathers,@lillywilton, @liverussian, @mermaidvampire, @onemedia,@paintingangels, @pennsif, @psionic-tremors, @prc, @ravenking13, @sapphic,@sgt-dan, @sircork, @sirlunchthehost, @snook, @snow.owl, @soundwavesphoton, @termitemusic, @thomasrobertgent, @wolfnworbeikood, @yidneth

Wanna see what you are getting yourself into check out Mad World Music Contest #1 There were some pretty rad entries there :)



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Artists & Musicians wanted for the One Project
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I think it's such an excellent idea. I am already recording my Xmas special, I do one each year but I opted for a traditional approach as they are kind of my greeting card each year so I won't have time anyway but looking forward to see the contestants, my soul is already in Yule mood

i wanna here your christmas special!!

I have shared two already from previous years recently, this weekend the last one of the old, and on Yule ( 21st) the new one, I make one every year.