Nice photography. I intend to take some shots too one of these days.

Thanks! I look forward to seeing yours. You must have very different trees and flowers than I've seen, so it will be a welcome change.

Great photos. Oh you are making me wish spring would arrive already...been the coldest April since 1880's here in Chicago. SUCKS! The forecast looks good, but you just never know around here.

Chicago weather sucks anyway... :p
I preferred the more decisive seasons we had in Wisconsin in the 90s.
But my first-ever tornado warning was in Chicagoland. Once in Downer's Grove where I actually saw the greenish clouds start to rotate and I'm thinking - "I need to get inside!" I did and the ensuing tornado ripped the roof off a Kmart only a few blocks away. After that, I saw the heaviest downpour I'd ever seen - and I'm originally from Oregon, so I know a few things about rain!!!

The weather hasn't been so nice in WI either, they have had even more snow the us. But Chicago is funny how it can change so drastically from day to day. Last week we had a nice 60 degree day and the kids wore shorts to school, all were happy! Then it snowed 2 inches the next day and a high of

That had to be scary! Have been around a couple times when the sky did that. None ever hit to close to us thankfully.

I like weather in their seasons... So, lots of snow - in the winter... this spring stuff gets old fast!
Saying that, the latest significant snowfall I've ever experienced was in Madison... And it was similar to what you are talking about - the Tuesday, it was 83F. On Saturday, the last day of April, and the day of the half-marathon, it was 43F with 6 inches of very sloppy snow!

Those are the worst snow falls...hate the really wet sloppy stuff. Either snow or rain, don't do both at the same

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Awesome Work!

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Thanks! I am glad you like these pictures.

you're welcome, thank you too

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@viking-ventures. The photo is stunning.Love the blossoming tree.It looks so serene and peaceful.Was this taken in England ( US) or England ( UK ) where i am from.As i have got views like this around me at the

Wiltshire, England. I lived there for about 7 years. This was a year where spring came late (early April.)

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Really nice pictures, .. .keep it up

Thank you very much. I really need to get out and take pictures as our spring finally arrives...

Ah! The beauty and joy things of nature give us. Perfect shot. I cannot take a single photograph without it being blur and look at you here. Lol...

Thanks. I do take a lot of pictures in order to get one great one - though usually there are a few more than that though.

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