HAPPY THURSDAY STEEMIANS! Macrophotography, My Entry:

in macrophotography •  last year  (edited)


This photograph was shot with my Leagoo, kiicaa Power 8-megapixel rear camera smartphone.

As soon as I set my eyes on this contest, I got inspired to do this and this happens to be my first time of participating!
@juliank, What you doing is a way to encourage Steemians to bring out the best in them in photo languages.

Big love to you!

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Hey @samal, nice post! I've developed a better appreciation for art and photos, so it's nice to see good content here on Steemit! Cheers


Thank [email protected] for your fine words.
You just got @samal encouraged!
Thumbs up man👍

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nice shot keep it up


Thank you friend!

Shout out to @surpassinggoogle and all others for the push, I'd thought this post would eventually have a cash payout of $0.00... Your visit(s) did give me hope☺️..

Grateful heart,

Wow. This picture reminds me of primary school times. We had a large vegetation of grass. Grasshoppers were many around. Just as beautiful as this one. I really love it. This is one of the things that @papa-pepper appreciates. Good job @samal.


The color make up of the Grasshopper is endearing. Thanks plentifully friend.
I would love to make friend with @papa-pepper then, or what do you think?