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Good evening steemians

Today I will give you a good shot from me. This is the result of my attempt to get an object for my blog. This time I got a dragonfly.

Dragonfly may be a beautiful looking creature and interesting if we look at it at a glance, but make no mistake, they are actually one of the ferocious predators with incredible flying ability. The sight of dragonflies is also almost 360 degrees, and dragonflies can also fly backwards.

Canon EOS 600D, f/7.1 , ISO-1/200, 1/200 sec, 42 mm.

Dragonflies (Thinkstock)

Dragonflies are one of the insects that inhabit the planet. They have gone through various stages of evolution to perfect the ability to fly and become beautiful beings are amazing.

Some advantages of the dragonfly:

Dragonflies can intercept the prey in the air
Dragonflies would be a creepy monster if we were small insects. Instead of pursuing prey, they intercept it while flying with careful calculations.

Dragonflies have very sharp jaws

In addition to an effective hunting strategy, the ability of dragonfly in tearing its prey is also very impressive. When the prey is caught, the dragonfly will hold it with their legs, tearing its wings so that prey can not escape and decapitate them with their sharp jaws. All of that is done dragonfly in the air, without landing at all.

Dragon's dragonfly

Dragonflies can fly in all directions, including sideways and backwards, even flying quietly at one point for more than a few minutes.

Exceptional vision

Dragonflies have a compound eye that contains 30,000 facets, each providing information about the environment around the dragonflies.

Dragonflies can live up to 2 years in the water

Dragonflies lay their eggs in water and when larvae appear, they live in water for more than 2 years. Even in certain areas, some types of dragonflies remain in larval form for up to six years. They changed their skin to 17 times until they were ready to get out of the water and transform into a dragonfly that we often see in the air.

Canon EOS 600D, f/7.1 , ISO-1/200, 1/200 sec, 29 mm.
Canon EOS 600D, f/7.1 , ISO-1/200, 1/160 sec, 51 mm.
Canon EOS 550D, f/5.6 , ISO-1/200, 1/320 sec, 194 mm.

So the point:

Dragonflies are meritorious to humans because they help us control the population of insects, such as mosquitoes and other biting insects. They also inspire us to create cutting-edge technology based on their outstanding ability to fly and see. At least, we can repay the favor by supporting the conservation of the dragonfly habitat, so we can see the beauty of this remarkable insect much longer.

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Great choice of subject. Dragonflies are wonderful creatures :) Nice shots!

wow.... nice click.... thanks for sharing keep it up @rizkiavonna

my pleasure Sir @rizkiavonna kindly visit my profile @ChillyMilly

Nice momen @rizkiavonna, bereh photo macro, mungken menyo na wakte jeut ta hunting macro sige gee

bereh nyan rakan, akan ta hunting sigoe goe.

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oi bak akun long ka upload hai, bek keuno sabe...

Keep up the great work.

Beautiful photography @rizkiavonna nice sharing