Macrophotography Peekaboo Spider

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hello every steemian friend wherever you are, today i will share a photo that struck me as strange and i have never found before. here's a photo of you hopefully all the photos that I share this .... !!!

**The name Peekaboo here is just a nickname for this species of spider because of their unique behavior where they seem to play hide and seek, I recently discovered a strange kind of profit I have never seen before, after reading some books about the spider then I know this type of animal, most of the books I read say this spider was ever found in australia that has the name Jotus Remus, this spider has a pair of hind legs that look like oars from leaves. Peekaboo Spiders have unique behavior when their mating season arrives.**

During the breeding season, the male Remus will hide under an object such as a leaf or a wooden tree and then move its hind limbs that resemble the oars as if playing bait plots. The purpose of such unique behavior is to seduce and provoke the females.

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