My first swarm, moving in.

in macrophotography •  5 months ago

This is the first swarm of Bees I ever captured moving into their brand new 5 Frame Nuc.

Notice the bees standing on the landing board looking into the hive. You can't tell from the photograph but they're fanning the pheromones, or smell, from the Hive out into the air to collect the rest of the swarm.

I bought the Nuc day before the swarm, glad to have it on hand. You never know when you are going to need one. This is absoulutly something you should have two or three of if you are serious about beekeeping.


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Congratulations! Swarm catching is my favorite part of beekeeping. I caught two this year.


I caught one swarm a week ago and got a call for one the other day only to arrive and watch them move into the side of the house. I'll be getting a call to do a cutout for that one soon. :-)