Shield Bug And Ladybird - Original Macro Photography

Hey guys,

Gotta apologise for my absence, nothing to do with the shockingly low price of STEEM recently. I'm in the middle of getting my house up for sale and it is taking up a lot of my spare time. Anyway, today I did manage to get a couple of nice shots of a shield bug and a ladybird. Absolutely love this shield bug guy, he was so alien-like. Maybe @carlgnash has seen some bigger versions on his home planet.





And finally, this really cute ladybird that was climbing on the fence...


Thanks for looking, hope you enjoyed the macro.


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Oooh yes I think maybe a distant relative :)


I remember being pleasantly surprised by the quality of that movie :) And yes of course I know my johnson.

Nice shots! That shield bug looks like what we call a stinkbug around here.


Looked that up and yeah, I have been giving it the wrong name... A stinkbug it is


Ha, I'd always thought stinkbug was just the informal Appalachian/Southern name for it.

The first shot is my favorite of the bunch. Lovely!

What lens are you using, if you don't mind me asking?


Sigma lenses are so great! I have a 35mm one for my Nikon D750. But I use the Nikkor 105mm for macros...


Yeah, the other important thing here is the lighting. I use an on-camera speedlight with a lastolite diffuser on it. That's what gives the almost portraiture feeling to my images. I also use Magic Lantern firmware for the canon which has a focus trap feature (fires the shutter as soon as something is in focus). Dont think there is anything similar for Nikon.


Thank you! Yes, I haven't heard of anything similar for Nikon. But I'm a natural light photographer, so I try to avoir artificial light as much as possible...

Great macros! And as I told few days ago, we don't need to care about the steem price. Steemit has it's own value regardless Steem price.

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Love this ! Really great macro! So sharp and with lovely colors! Congrats!
An excellent work, @markangeltrueman. A masterpiece of compostion, colors as well as sharpness and bokeh at the right point.

and have a nice day my friend :)