Macro Grasshopper - [Original Photography]

Hi Guys,

It's been a little while since I posted anything; I've been working on @photomag and had quite a few personal things to deal with (which I am hoping to post about soon), but I was outside today and saw this beautiful grasshopper and couldn't resist getting the macro lens on. However, I think the Canon 60D body that I use is starting to die - had real trouble turning it on for some reason. Anyway, hope you like these. I love the way that using flash on macros really separates the subject from the background




Thanks for looking



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Awwww he's so cute...
sorry I'm gonna tag a friend because there have been recently some "green grasshopper conversations exhanged (seriously)
They are all amazing. I love also the black background... kind of trying to get footage of Moths that way.
@d-vine look :)

I recentl y stumbled upon this friend


I love moths too, did some black and white shots in this post in case you fancy a look.


Oh I did, they were amazing. I have been trying to lure them with a lit blanket to film but this year they were particularly scarce


Yay, crickets <3


Cricket whisperer


Hehehe <3

amazing photography dear.Happy to see it. thank you.

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Awesome shots. I love the long wispy antennas. I just started using flash with my macro shots. It has helped me to be able to get a better depth of field.


Yeah, these were f18. No way to get that without a flash. Are you using any kind of diffuser on your flash? I have one of those lastolite softboxes on my speedlite - just gives that bit of extra wrap-around lighting.


No, i dont have a diffuser. My speedlite is just a cheap one. I can rig something up or shoot through a silk or something if I need to.

Love the dark background here..


Thanks, one of the benefits of shooting at the flash sync speed of 1/250 second. Anything that isnt lit by the flash comes out nice and dark.


That is good to know.
I normally use the dark background effect for flowers... that will not run away. I put them in a direct sunlight and keep shadow behind. Works too :)

Awesome shots!
I had two of these awesome creatures come & visit me in my house, one left again, the other one is somewhere around.