Black And White Macro, The Fly, The Bee, The Moth [Original Photography]

Howdy steemians.

Yeah, they are totally overprocessed, way too much sharpening and in one case, over-vignetted (is that even a word), but hey, I like the effect and think they look pretty good. Maybe @dandays is going to have a go at drawing one of these ones :)

You can, of course, click for a larger version.


The Fly


The Bee


The Moth

Thanks for looking


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Oh it’s on now!! Thanks for the green light.


if you need a higher quality image, let me know which one :)

Those are some really cool shots you got there! Funny how I find these flying things always very annoying when they "bother" me.. but when seeing them on these pictures I find them fascinating :)


Cheers! I'm really starting to love insects and bugs. They really intrigue me.

  ·  last year (edited)

Yes, I understand when looking at these pictures.. We were walking on the island here in Budapest a while ago.. And I saw a beetle (I guess) that almost looked like it was an alien.. Bright colours and a bit shiny .. and HUGE :) Normally I run when they come flying towards me, but when they are on the ground I can handle them lol

Ok found it ...


They might very well be "totally overprocessed, way too much sharpening and in one case, over-vignetted" but I like the result! These are great!
I really have to get myself a macro lens (or at least some macro rings) to start experimenting with macro photography.
Thanks for sharing!

Great photos friend, good black and white conversion, and amazing blacks.

a greetings friend :)

I love the detail in the flies eyes

Fantastic shots @markangeltrueman.

These shots made me go wow, even if they are "overprocessed" :)