Welcome to the 😱HORROR FROM THE FOREST😱 the GAME Round 6 (Win 5SBD in less than 48h)

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As a macro photographer, I CHALLENGE YOU, to play a game with me. It's a fun way, to inspire EVERYBODY, to step up their macro photography. The theme of the game is known from the title. Yes, HORROR.
The challenge is, to shoot a better macro then ME and everybody else. Can YOU?

              How to play

Every Sunday, I will post a HORROR FROM THE FOREST GAME, with a macro photo.
All you have to do to participate in the game:

-Follow me Upvote (100%) this post
-Resteem it
-Publish your macro photo in THIS post and write: CHALLENGE ACCEPTED

  1. You can only post original work (maybe I will ask you for proof)

  2. You can only post 1 photo

  3. We are here to motivate each other, not to discourage one another!

  4. Starts NOW and ENDS 00:00 (16.7.2018) EU time-Berlin I will announce the winner tomorrow.


-Place 2.5SBD Will choose @marjanko
-Place 2.5SBD Will help me choose the public
-Every photograph will get my 25% upvote

I will choose the winner, 2 place will help me choose the public.

          Lets play and good luck

Let me kick it off with this photo.

"Come closer" Zoom in, if you dare?!

"Maybe another time"

Cam: Sony a6000
Lens: Sony 90mm G OSS
Set: F3.2/shutter 1/160 / Iso 100
Light: Ex.Flash & 1x led light

Hit me with your best shot: @sallybeth23 @witzbold @youhavewings @dreimaldad @mayapuppy @nelinoeva @edguci @morous70 @ileana56 @adibiqbal @anikearn @jjprac @shawmeow @himalayanwomb

Good luck to you all and everybody else. Have fun!
Yours truly, @marjanko


CHALLENGE ACCEPTED - I caught this guy with a big open blood stained mouth as he finished a meal leaving only an antenna behind on the floor!


Awesome shoot, like always my dear friend!!! I love it!!! Face, colour, position 😍🤗👏👌💚
Good luck @sallybeth23!!!

Merci beaucoup @flamingirl🌈🦋🌴💛

Good one @sallybath23 🤗 love the face🤘

Thanks very much 😍

Thanks very much 😍 @marjanko how come you always spell my name wrong/ always different.


What an incredible face - brilliant shot Sallybeth!

What a monster! Great shot at the right time.

This shot is a perfect fit for this challenge @sallybeth23! Great entry :D


😱🤗 amazing focus🔥

Thank you 😊💚

Realy good timing👌

Thanks for always giving us the tips 😺 it's very helpful 😻

More tips will come in the future 🤘

😱😱😱 thank you very very very much 😻💚💚💚💚

Really good picture too!!! 👏
What kind of spider is it?
Thanks @marjanko for this nice contest!

Thank you very much @flamingirl 😍😍
It is Argiope aurantia or simply known as yellow black spider 😊💚💚

@flamingirl, love that you are supporting this game 🤗 I appreciate it.
As you can see in my previous post I got a little surprise for you.🤗🤗🤗 Did you see it? 😋

Game over AND NEXT GAME 22.7.2018

First, thanks you all, for taking part of my first game and congratulate all the winners. Hope you enjoy it and are a little bit more motivated, to go and shoot for the next Sunday HORROR FROM THE FOREST Round 7

Here is my absolute winner: @nelinoeva / Congratulations

2.Place @sallybeth23 / Congratulations

All participants, will I tag in the next game, so they will get a notification when the game is on. If you didn't participate in this contest and what to get a tag/notification for the next game write under this post: @marjanko TAG me, for the next game.

NEXT GAME 22.7.2018
Participants who will compete:
@sallybeth23 @shawmeow @ileana56 @mayapuppy @adibiqbal @nelinoeva @edguci @febemarie25 @annabel1122 @mrf @wilczur

Hope to see you next Sunday!
Yours truly, @marjanko

Congratulations @nelinoeva And thanks @marjanko ... see you all next week

Thank you @sallybeth23 and congratulations.😀❤
Your photos are always amazing and outstanding!

Wow, what a thrill! Thanks a million @marjanko.
Much, much appreciated! 😀

@nelinoeva You deserve it 👊 amazing job 👌

Congratulation 😊

Challenge accepted. I see you!
*Click on image to view how scary I am! *
Camera: Nikon D5200
Lens: Sigma 105mm f/2.8 EX DG OS HSM Macro
Settings: f/11, 1/320sec, ISO 100

I like your jumping spider. Nice timing 😊

Thank you!This guy was in my mint pot. I think it liked the mint because was very nice and let me take a picture!😀

Be sure to click on the image to view full screen!



  Oppo f1+ macro lens was used

I found this tiny jumping spider was having breakfast in my backyard this morning.

   Big thanks for @marjanko


Got to say it was not easy with one hand holding cone of melting ice cream and trying to focus with the other with the smartphone. 😀


what a face... good shot

Thank you very much!😀

😱 true horror face 👌

Thanks a million! 😀

You are wellcome 🤗

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Wow...amazing and dangerous


I found this when I was on my backyard.

I caught this on my garden

Your presentations are wonderful. I follow you, you work very well, hope that you will always be with us by giving us good, good work.

CHALLENGE ACCEPTED - This is behind our house!
Unfortunately did i not dare to get closer. This guy was pretty angry about me taking pictures. I still think it looks creepy!
Hope you guys like it and thanks to @marjanko for this challenge!
Have a great day

I do not take part in the challenge, but I did it with pleasure, but when I was looking for them I was a little scared that they would fall or jump on me.

You can take part nex time (Sunday)

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