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RE: Macrophotography - grasshopper

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Grasshoppers are cool.

(Warning: Grasshopper History/Trovia Inbound.)

Within the panorama of ancient global cultures, grasshoppers symbolized a wide array of meanings, beliefs, myths and were often used to provide crude explanations of some natural (or supernatural) phenomena.

Take China, for instance...

As a Chinese symbol, the grass hopper offers attributes of longevity, happiness, good health, good luck, wealth, abundance, fertility and virtue. In fact, grasshoppers were thought to be fertility symbols; specifically omens of the birth of a son (hence, another reason for its good luck symbol status as sons are considered prized gems within the setting of the family).

In certain regions of China, grasshoppers were kept as family pets and it was believed grasshoppers embodied the personalities of family members who were deceased. Keeping these reincarnate souls in the form of grasshoppers insured prosperity amongst the family members.


Enjoyed your post.

Namaste, JaiChai


thank you @jaichai:) for sharing information about it

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