🕷The Itsy Bitsy Spider...

in macrophotography •  5 months ago


Decided to climb up my pants leg, shirt, and out on to my arm where he got cozy on my hand. Was hoping he'd bite me and give me some wicked cool Spider-Man powers, but...guess this is one of the 8 I won't be eating in my sleep this year bwahahahaha! 🕸🛌

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Haha..can batman becomes spider man?? 😉 well steepshot started working fine...now....👍


Spider Man on one side, Batman on the other?


Haha...still both comes out at night😉

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the LAST thing I would do if I spider did that to me was STOP and take a photo..........just saying LOLLLL

Look how small, cute and adorable it is 💚💚💚 I always love those little guys...

Ick. Snakes I am fine with, spiders... It is utterly irrational. Makes me think I died of a spider bite in some past life or something lol!

Some little spider bit me on the forehead in Colorado a few years back, I looked like a damn unicorn! Had to get antibiotics and I do NOT take antibiotics, I am a silver guy! I am not as bad as my wife but I don't really like the little bastards any more.

LOL!!! I have a rule... spiders outside they live to build their webs that trap the other insects. Inside my house....it's a roll of the dice. They either get put outside or squished.. depends on where they are. I can't say I've ever stopped for a photo op. LOL!!!

Damn, @enginewitty. You wanted to get bit ? Of course it reminds me when I m out at the pool and get a wasp and let him crawl around on my hand. My kids and friends freak out but I tell them it will NOT sting unless I quickly move or try to swat it. It can be disconcerting at first because these Wasps are big evil looking fockers. But I use it as a test of my Mind ,Will , and Concentration. Hadn't been stung yet lol