Macrophotography _ spider

in macrophotography •  13 days ago


This is the image that I took today in a very cloudy afternoon and I set the camera settings in black and white color image shooting.

In my opinion,tasting various subject in picture macrophotography is an interesting thing when macrophotography becomes part of my hobby.

Hopefully you can enjoy it and these image the result of smartphone macrophotography one lens for all works @Deltasteem.

Thank you for visiting my macrophotography page.

Camera smartphone xiomi note 4 + Lensa Macro 45mm nikon L810 modified for smartphones. Shooting speed 1/5sec. f/2.0 3.57mm ISO Settings auto + Artificial light

Using the Snapseed application.

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Very cool photo - you isolated that spider nicely and it's perfectly positioned on that line in the background so it's highlighted! And it's a beautiful arachnid to boot :D


Thanks @derosnec have visited my page.I like macrophotography and I only share what I get.

I couldn't see the image well. But then welcome for your create job

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Thanks @steemperfect I am still an amateur in macrophotography.