Praying Mantis 2

in macrophotography •  7 months ago

Hello friends.
Today I find again a praying mantis. Praying mantis, I found playing in a guava tree in front of my house. I tried to take some photos of this praying mantis. Some of the photos I produce I took with smartphone brand OPPO by adding a macro lens.

1/250 s. f/2,2 3,79mm, ISO 100

This grasshopper is called by the name of praying mantis because of her seemingly praying attitude.
Praying mantis has a triangular head. These insects also have larger prominent eyes than their heads.
This insect has a head that can be rotated like a human head. The animal I found this has a wing that covers its entire body with a net-like shape. Has 2 pieces of antenna.
These animals eat whatever other animals they can catch, so they can also function as pest control for agriculture.
For some people who love these animals also make this animal as a pet.
How the results of the photos that I get, you can see below.







Scientific classification:

CategoryMacro Photography
Photos by@askari (my own work)
Camera makerSmartphone Oppo
Camera modelR7Sf

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Hopefully my post is useful for you


I also made some gif from my past post

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Lovely introduction and photos.
I love your gifs!
Best Regards

wow.... nice yaar... i like photos.....

Akan samakah hasil bila menggunakan smartphone & lensa biasa bang @askari ?